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requently Asked Questions

Will GolfTEC work for me?

If you follow our Proven Path you will absolutely see results. We have given millions of lessons to over 200,000 golfers and earned a consistent 95% success rate. The reason we teach one out of every five lessons in the U.S. is because only GolfTEC has all five factors needed for maximum improvement and lasting results. Click here to learn more.

What does a 95% success rate mean?

We survey our clients every year and ask if they are improving and if they have achieved their goals. The results: 95% rate their Coaches as good or great. 95% report that they are improving. Click here to learn more.

What do you mean by Proven Results?

GolfTEC has proven to have the most effective approach in the industry with millions of lessons given, thousands of satisfied clients and a 95% success rate. We are the undisputed leader in golf improvement.

Why is GolfTEC different than traditional lessons?

While most golf lessons now include video reinforcement, we offer superior technology that integrates into our five-factor approach. We've addressed each of the common barriers to improvement with our advanced techniques. After teaching millions of lessons to thousands of golfers, we've found that there are five factors required for maximum improvement: fact-based diagnosis, sequential lessons, video-based practice, advanced retention tools and precision-matched clubs. These factors guide our teaching approach. You won't find that anywhere else. Click here to learn more.

Lesson Details
How much do lessons cost?

Prices vary by market. Typically GolfTEC lessons range from $49 - $73 per lesson, depending on the type of improvement plan. To stay competitive, we regularly do price surveys with PGA pros in local markets—even though they don't typically offer the same type of fact-based diagnosis, video-based practice and other factors that we offer at GolfTEC.

How long are your lessons?

Our initial sessions—Swing Evaluation or Personal Club Fitting—all take about an hour. Regular weekly lesson are 30 minutes, and outdoor lessons are usually booked for 60 minutes. Plus, each lesson extends outside of the 30-minute session, as you can review lessons online 24/7.

Do you offer group lessons?

No. All GolfTEC lessons are individual, private lessons. Every swing is unique and presents unique challenges. It would impossible to maintain a 95% success rate with group lessons. From time to time, we do offer Performance Clinics on a variety of topics.

How do I find directions to a local improvement center?

The easiest way is to enter your postal code on our Location Finder page. Click Here to follow a link.

What should I bring to my first lesson?

Please bring your entire bag of clubs, a glove, if you usually wear one, and your golf shoes. Tennis shoes are okay if you don't have golf shoes. For your convenience, you can change at GolfTEC. Because we use a lot of video, we recommend that you do not wear black during your lesson. We find this improves the picture quality and therefore improves your lesson experience.

How often do I need to practice?

How you practice, where you practice and how often you practice are critical to your success. In addition, it will vary depending on where you are in your improvement path. One of the reasons GolfTEC is so different than traditional lessons is that we help our clients get the most out of their practice time. Click here for more details.

Can I just buy a practice membership?

No, we only sell our practice time to those who have purchased lessons. However, you can add a practice membership to a lesson-only package.

Scheduling and Appointments
Do I need an appointment?

Yes, all GolfTEC lessons are done by appointment. It usually takes a few days to find a time for your Swing Evaluation Session. In busy season, it can take longer, so be sure to call and check with your local GolfTEC Improvement Center.

Do I take a lesson every week?

Normally, weekly lessons are ideal for most clients, but we are very flexible and can cancel or reschedule times to fit your needs. Why is weekly best? Optimal learning requires a cycle of instruction and practice, instruction and practice. Most people can't proceed faster than weekly and still get in enough practice time.

What if I have to skip a week?

No problem. When you first begin, your Coach will book out your lessons at a time slot that is convenient to you. That assures that your program fits into your schedule. As things come up, lesson times can always be cancelled or changed to accommodate your schedule. We ask that you give us at least 24 hours to change a lesson time.

Instruction Methods and Teaching Philosophy
What is sequential instruction?

GolfTEC lessons individually address every player's unique swing using a progressive and easy-to-understand approach. Sequential instruction addresses each individual swing component, resulting in proper swing mechanics from setup to finish. This proven philosophy builds layers of skill that result in proper swing mechanics, greater game enjoyment and lower scores. Click here to learn more.

What is video-based practice?

After each lesson, GolfTEC dramatically accelerates improvement with an exclusive video-based practice in private bays as well as an online personal Player Performance Center. Click here to learn more.

What is fact-based diagnosis?

Every successful swing contains key motions and mechanics that are essential elements. Using GolfTEC's proprietary database of over 150 PGA TOUR® players, we've calculated these fundamental measurements and can accurately and objectively assess each swing. Video feedback and motion analysis capture a swing and a personalized gameplan is created. Click here to learn more.

What are advanced retention tools?

GolfTEC's proprietary Player Performance Center provides 24/7 access to your lesson recaps, game tracking and much more. These tools keep your progress moving forward and allow you to focus for maximum results. Click here to learn more.

Do you teach women?

Absolutely. Women are one of the fastest growing segments in golf. Our female students say they like the private and professional instruction and the caring attitude of our coaches. In our annual customer satisfaction survey, 95% of our clients rate GolfTEC Coaches as good or great. We are national partners with both the Executive Women' Golf Association (EWGA - www.ewga.com) and with Women on Course (www.womenoncourse.com).

Do you teach seniors?

Yes we do. In fact, as golfers get older, it is important to use solid mechanics to make up for declining strength and balance. We have many clients in their 70s and 80s who are just starting their GolfTEC improvement programs. Our videos make the instruction very easy to understand.

Do you teach beginners?

Absolutely. Sometimes beginners initially think our approach is more than they need to begin learning golf, but actually it is perfect for the novice golfer.

Do you teach putting?

We sure do. In fact, GolfTEC has one of the most sophisticated putting instruction approaches in the industry. We use our proprietary g-PUTT system to teach mechanics in the bays and we teach green/grain reading outdoors at a golf course. Even though most people think they are pretty good putters, we find that almost all students can save a couple of strokes per round with a review of their techniques.

I like to see ball flight. Do I have to take my lessons indoors?

Great question! At GolfTEC, most of our Improvement Centers teach both indoors and outdoors. Usually a new student starts indoors where we can teach swing and putting mechanics much more effectively using our technology and state-of-the-art facilities. Ball flight can be a misleading, particularly when used as the sole source of feedback. Working indoors allows the student to focus on developing proper swing mechanics. As you progress and are ready to focus more on scoring and course management, we add some outdoor lessons to the mix.

Club Fitting and Club Purchasing
Does GolfTEC custom fit clubs?

Absolutely. In fact our Personal Club Fit goes beyond traditional lie board fitting and even beyond launch monitor fittings that became popular several years ago. We use a process called database matching—a third-generation approach to club fitting that uses an unbiased process to filter through more than 1,000 club options. The result is a set of clubs that are precision-matched to your game.Click here for more.

Does GolfTEC sell clubs?

Yes we do. With the buying power of over 200,000 clients, we sell custom clubs for the same price you would pay for off-the-rack clubs and you should receive them in no more than 7-10 days. We regularly match or beat pricing from retailers like Golf Galaxy, Edwin Watts, and PGA Superstore. Even more importantly, we have a national partnership with Golfsmith, the largest US golf retailer, and we match their pricing.

What is precision club matching?

Using patented technology and a database of over 1,000 club options, GolfTEC precisely matches a player's clubs to their swing. Personal, brand and inventory biases are eliminated, ensuring a fit that increases both distance and accuracy.

Should I buy new clubs before I take lessons?

We don't normally recommend it. As your swing mechanics improve, it is quite likely that your swing specs will change and impact length, lie, shaft flex and others components of club fitting. That being said, most golfers can find immediate increases in distance and accuracy by playing clubs that match their swing. Please ask one of our Coaches about your specific situation.

What if I don't think I'm good enough for custom clubs?

This is a common perception, however, often times custom-fit clubs actually help the higher handicapped player more than a better player, who will likely play well with any set of clubs.

Aren't custom clubs expensive?

Actually, they aren't. In most cases, you can buy your custom set of clubs at GolfTEC for the same price you would pay for a stock set at a big-box retailer.

Can I borrow clubs for my lessons?

Yes, most of our Improvement Centers have clubs available for you to use.

Costs and Pricing Is GolfTEC expensive?

Prices vary by market, but to stay competitive, we regularly do price surveys with PGA pros in local markets—even though they don't typically offer the same type of fact-based diagnosis, video practice and other factors that we do at GolfTEC. We offer a premium service and consider the value of our instruction to be well worth the price.

Do you offer discounts?

We do. We survey other pros in the area to be sure we are competitive and we have a volume discount approach. The more you purchase, the lower the price. GolfTEC offers a variety of plans and programs to meet the needs of beginners, single digit players, seniors, women, and juniors.

GolfTEC Coach Qualifications
Are your pros certified?

GolfTEC employs nearly 400 Coaches who have all been certified through GolfTEC University, a PGA-accredited training program. Additional qualifications include PGA status, years of teaching experience, college degrees and numerous formal certifications in advanced golf instruction and club fitting. Ongoing education and certification is required through our Teaching Quality program.

Why do you call your pros "Coaches?"

A GolfTEC Coach provides more than just technical direction. At GolfTEC, clients are given the structure and the motivation to achieve their goals, usually achieving beyond their expectations.

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