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Nothing builds confidence in your golf game like knowing you’re using the ideal golf clubs to maximize every shot you make. TECFit, GolfTEC’s proprietary, 90-minute golf club fitting system, provides the most precise, unbiased fitting experience available anywhere.

Any custom golf club fitting experience is only as good as the fitter you work with, and at GolfTEC, each of our fitters is a certified professional who will use their extensive fitting experience to determine the ideal clubs for you.

With launch monitor data driven by Foresight technology, our certified club fitters will measure your clubhead speed and ball flight – including launch angles and spin rates -  and confirm your individual shot patterns.

Your personal launch data is then cross-referenced with SwingLabs database of thousands of club/shaft combinations to identify those models that will optimize the performance of your swing.

After determining three models which will work for you, we’ll have you hit each one, to reach a final decision on a club, or a set, that feels best and delivers the maximum results.

We’ll then order your clubs directly from the manufacturer where they will be custom built to your exact specs, including shaft length and flex, lie angle and even grip size. These are not clubs off the rack, but made specifically to maximize your game.

Nothing beats the feel of holding a club you know is going to work. That’s why TECfit is included in every GolfTEC Game Plan

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