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Jim A

I went to Phil for a swing evaluation shortly after the store opened in June 2013.  I had just shot a 104 for eighteen...about right for me especially given that it was early in the season.  I spent six months with Phil and my last two rounds in November 2013 were a 73 and a 75.  Need I say any more?  Not bad for a 63 year old who had never taken a lesson or broke 90 before walking into GolfTEC.

Steve H

My friend was emphatic about how GolfTEC helped improve his game. Ironically, after starting my lessons, I learned of 3 other friends who have been through the program, with solid results.

Bob S

It's wonderfully helpful to review each lesson online, to view the recommended drills, and to read the notes provided by my coach, Erin Diegel.  Since joining GolfTEC my index has dropped from 18 to 7, I'm enjoying golf more, and now that I'm retired I can play several times a week. 

Dan B

I travel a lot for business so the ability to vew my lessons online is invaluable.  My coach also gives me drills to do that don't require the use of a club so that I can practice while I'm on the road.

Owen M

Today I played Empire Ranch in Carson. 41 +43 = 84 one 7, three 6s, one 2, and the rest 4s and 5s. It's a different game for me since taking the lessons with you. It's not just the score, it's that I have a confidence that I can hit that shot when I walk up to it and most of the time I do. Thanks for the lessons. They have made golf much more enjoyable for me and lowered my score too. Both good things.

Michael D

A picture is a thousand words.  Based on the video of my swing, I know what is required for a smooth swing.  I wish I did this years ago

Mark V

Wanted to let you know that our putting session has done wonders for my game. I played back nine at mile square the next morning and shot a 38 (personal best for 9 holes), then played with Brett yesterday down in San Clemente and shot an 83 – and played the whole round with one ball, which is an accomplishment for me! So I shot 83 three different times this summer (although yesterday was the best of those three in terms of my overall game). Pretty awesome! The improvement in my game over the last year is mind boggling 

Greg R

I can't believe that in 8 lessons I went from shooting anywhere from 85 to 95 down to shooting even par in a tournament on a hard course that I haven't played in 5 years. 

Greg K

I now I have a clear understanding of the game, and how my body needs to move from stance-to-take back-to-impact. I know that I still have a ways to go before significantly reducing my handicap, but this is the first time that I have a positive direction and growing confidence. I now feel that with additional instruction, I will be comfortable playing with anyone.

While I had two good instructors, without the GolfTEC program they were unable to impart the moves necessary to better my game. I am so confident with the results of your lessons that I extended my contract with GolfTEC so that my game and handicap will continue to improve.

Thank you for the very special attention you have provided me, and I know that you really want to make me a better player.

Glenn B

The coach was very well informed and explained everything to me in a clear and concise way. Highly recommended for those considering making positive changes to your golf swing and learning the proper mechanics required to improve your golf game!

Dave F

Good day.  Well, I made it to the finals of the Presidents Cup.  I won my match 5 & 4 and shot another 79.  I took down a guy with a 5 index and I actually beat him straight up even though he had to give me 2 a side.  My 4 rounds of match play so far have been 81, 78, 79 and 79.  I am not sure if the graph below came through but if it did, it will show you my current index.  Because of the 79 I just posted and an 84 dropping off, When my new index comes out in a few days, I will drop to a 9.9.


Our short term goal was to get me down to a single digit and we did it.  For the first time in my golf career I get to say I am a single digit index and that means a lot to me.  THANKS BUDDY.  While I still struggle with "my first move down" and the "rotating of my core", my game has improved.  Chipping and putting has been really really good and I continue to work on chipping every week.  What a difference.  I stand in the middle of the fairway with confidence knowing that if I miss a green, I can get up and down from almost anywhere.  While I don't always get up and down, it's a nice feeling thinking that I can.

Carl J

Mark, that is so true but I force myself to get a game in and because of the lessons taught by you I am in the mid 70's.  I can't believe it myself, but that training and going over the key points you've shown me has kept me on task and dangerous to many if I get my Tiger Woods day!  I will be in your neck of the woods Friday or Saturday and if you are in, I will make it a point to speak and pick your brain.  You have changed my life more than you could possibly believe.

Albee S

The week before last, I shot my Personal Best (for this Course) at Bethesda-Chevy Chase CC by shooting an 85 - this was simply due to listening to the little voice (its actually Mark's voice) of "don't be cute, just get your ball back into play and stop trying to fanagle the ball"

Then yesterday, I achieved my Personal Best (for this Course) at University of Maryland GC by shooting an 85. I did leave a handful of putts short and chunked at least 5 chips so I think that in the not so distant future I am ready to aim at sub-80 (think this will take some "mental game" prep).

Jeff P

Just the 2 things that you had me go work on has completely encouraged me there is hope for a very good golf game in my future...  To say the least I was pretty amazed at the difference in my ball striking.

John G

I wanted to thank Kevin Lindsey for the fitting and the clubs. I have only gotten to hit them twice but they are straighter and fly higher than any clubs I have ever owned, and I really do appreciate everything GolfTEC has done for me. If anyone ever asks me where to go to improve their game, I'm sending them to GolfTEC.

Charles H

Charles has been taking lessons for a year now, and just recently bought 25 more lessons in August 2012. Charles was scoring in the high 90's to low 100's when he first start taking lessons at GolfTEC. His low is 82, and plays a 14 hdcp...Charles plays local tournaments and came in 2nd place for a two day tournament round. His goal is to now break into the low 80's more often and high 70's, which I know as his coach he will be able to do most likely before the end of the year!

Robert S

Just 4 months after my changed swing that you and the GolfTEC system helped me with I shot my LOWEST score EVER at Stoneridge Country Club yesterday (yes, on Masters Sunday - but we were done to see the last two hours of the Masters!).

I shot 40 on the front nine and 45 on the back for an 85!  Never broke 90 at Stoneridge and haven't broken 90 in at least 10 years!  I knew I was close because my last 3 rounds I shot 94, 93, 94 - and every round I had a blow up hole or two that if I had eliminated, would have broken 90.

Thanks for the help you gave me and more importantly, thanks for keeping from quitting golf!  It's such a fun game and I look forward to enjoying it for a long time!

Barbara R

Immediate visual feedback on every swing has helped with the learning process. Once I started at GolfTEC and saw myself on video, I could see why I wasn’t getting better. Now I usually shoot in the low 80’s and have even broken 80 a few times!

Chris W

I just want to thank you and your organization for your assistance and advice to improve my golf game. In the short time I have been working with you I have cut my handicap in half and am enjoying the game more than ever.

The first improvements I noticed was after getting fitted for new irons and you correcting my swing. After doing your exercises and practicing, I am consistently hitting the ball 10-15 yards further and closer to target.

The second significant improvement was correcting my slice with the driver. This took an additional five or more strokes off my game.

I am pleasantly surprised how much my game has improved with just a few short lessons, GolfTEC's technology and your ability to spot and correct my deficiencies. I am now a 10 handicap and even lower on my best days.

Please feel free to share this with your future prospective customers. The time and money I spent is one of the best investments I have made. I am very pleased with the returns in terms of my improved ability and overall enjoyment of the game of golf.

Blair M

Three months ago I came into golftec to get fitted for a new set of golf clubs.  I was in golf purgatory shooting 85 one week and 95 the next and I thought what I needed was a bright new shiny set of clubs.  I know...bad idea.

Thankfully I met your instructor Neil Gram.  He convinced me that a new set of clubs wasn't going to be the way to go and that he could make my swing more consistent with a lesson plan.

I said yes to a three month plan and it was the best decision I've ever made to improve my golfing experience.  Since signing up I've

- lowered my handicap from 14.7 to an 8.4

- shot my lowest score ever - a 74 at talega golf course in san Clemente

- added 10 yards to all my clubs

- haven't shot above an 84 out of 16 rounds played

to achieve these results I put in a lot of practice time, but I have to give a lot of credit to Neil.  The guy is so personable, explains difficult concepts clearly, and has a great sense of humor to put you at ease.  The technology was why I signed up but Neil made the difference.

Had to write and say thank you for offering the best value and service I've experienced in the golfing industry.

Ken C

I just want to tell you that Keith Zabak at your Brecksville, Ohio location is outstanding.  He is extremely patient and has helped me to gradually improve toward a much more effective swing.  I wish I had met him 10 years ago, I would have saved myself some grief!

Rich H

Just like to send you all a quick thank you note on my success at Golftec.  I came in a little over a  month ago for a lesson.  I was losing distance.  Your staff quickly identified my issues and put me on the right path to better golf scores.

My last 4 scores are 78,79.83,70.   I am now hitting some par 5's in two. 

Thanks guys a big improvement in my game....thus enjoyment.   worth every cent!  I recommend it to anyone trying to play better golf.

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