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GolfTEC provides you with access to advanced golf learning technology including motion measurement and video technology that is rarely available to the average golfer.

As part of your initial GolfTEC Swing Evaluation, we’ll utilize our patented g-SWING technology that simultaneously provides video and motion measurement of your golf swing.  By quantifying the mechanics of your golf swing we have the facts for guiding and measuring swing changes.

To help with proper club fitting, we use Foresight® launch monitors to measure launch angles, spin rates, club speeds and much more. These results are then paired with SwingLabs® database to help select the ideal clubs for your swing.

Throughout your golf lessons, and even in your personal practice sessions you’ll have access to interactive video of your swing, from the front and down the target line. You can see and control the video through our easy to use button box. You can even use video drawing tools to create a visual reference for swing plane, body positions and more. This instant video feedback dramatically accelerates the improvement process of your golf swing.

Outside the Improvement Center, you can access your lessons and video through our online Player Performance Center. And when you’re on the course, or on vacation, you can continue your golf lessons or contact your golf coach through our mobile GolfTEC TO GO application. 

Golf Lessons on Your Phone

GolfTEC to Go is Now Available

Download Now:

GolfTEC To Go is the mobile, 24/7 golf instruction tool exclusively for GolfTEC students. Get feedback to your swing from the course, the range or anywhere you’re traveling. Just use your smart phone or tablet to video your golf swing . Submit the video to your GolfTEC personal coach right from your mobile device, and within a few days he’ll respond with audio and video suggestions, drills and more. It keeps the improvement going, even when you’re away from the teaching bay. That’s why mobile lessons are part of every GolfTEC Game Plan.

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