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Does this sound like you?

You definitely enjoy the good shots, there just aren’t enough of them. Too many scuttling along the ground when you want that good feeling of getting the ball in the air. You are often not sure what club to hit or where you should be aiming. Its fun to hit the driver but why does it keep slicing? You don’t feel like you have “touch” on the short iron shots or putting. You finally catch one as you are getting closer to the hole and then it flies over the green!

You want to take your time but sometimes feel pressured to keep up with your playing partners. You need to bring a number of balls, they tend to disappear. It’s fun to be out there but you’re a little self-conscious and would like to be more comfortable on the course.

We can build that consistent swing that you are looking for, and help you feel like you belong on the course. When you’re making solid contact, the game is a lot more fun. Call your local center today to get the improvement started.

GolfTEC Success Stories
  • Jim A

    I went to Phil for a swing evaluation shortly after the store opened in June 2013.  I had just shot a 104 for eighteen...about right for me especially given that it...

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  • Owen M

    Today I played Empire Ranch in Carson. 41 +43 = 84 one 7, three 6s, one 2, and the rest 4s and 5s. It's a different game for me since...

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  • Michael D

    A picture is a thousand words.  Based on the video of my swing, I know what is required for a smooth swing.  I wish I did this years ago

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  • Greg K

    I now I have a clear understanding of the game, and how my body needs to move from stance-to-take back-to-impact. I know that I still have a ways to go before...

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  • Glenn B

    The coach was very well informed and explained everything to me in a clear and concise way. Highly recommended for those considering making positive changes to your golf swing and...

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  • Jeff P

    Just the 2 things that you had me go work on has completely encouraged me there is hope for a very good golf game in my future...  To say the...

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