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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Lesson FAQ's

How much do lessons cost?

Prices vary by lesson plan, features included and region, but they are highly competitive with teaching professionals in each area. Per lesson rates range from $43 to $95. Contact your local GolfTEC center for specific lesson plan prices.

Can I get just practice sessions?

No. Practice sessions are typically available only with lesson plans, but you are welcome to contacts your local GolfTEC, as offers may vary.

Why do I need a Swing Evaluation?

The Swing Evaluation gives both Coach and student a clear visual and numerical baseline for both indicating where improvement is necessary and measuring the improvement. We highly recommend the Swing Evaluation for every student, from beginner to competitive player. It allows us to understand your current swing and goals and helps determine the right lesson plan for you.

Do you teach beginners?

Absolutely. We teach thousands every year. Our coaches understand the unique needs of beginners and know how to make their sessions comfortable and enjoyable.

Can I take a lesson outdoors or at the course?

Yes. We think on-course instruction on specific shots and course management are a great complement to in-bay swing lessons. You can schedule a time with your coach.

Will you completely change my current swing?

We do not teach to a formula or believe there is one swing for everyone. We begin with your current swing and work on changes to make it more effective and productive.

Can I focus on a certain part of my game, like chipping?

Yes. Our comprehensive approach looks at the full swing first, and then we can focus on the specific shot making of your choice, including all aspects of the short game.

I’m concerned about working on my game indoors. I can’t see the flight of my ball.

We believe in process orientation. By focusing on HOW things happen and what is CAUSING ball flight issues we see the fastest, longest lasting improvement. The immediate feedback of our teaching bay video technology and motion measurement is an excellent way to achieve that. Additionally, most of our centers have the latest ball flight simulation so we can monitor, track and measure your ball flight.

Will I be able to refer back to my lessons?

Yes. All your lessons, Coach’s comments and suggested drills are available 24/7 on your online Player Performance Center.

What is video-based practice?

Every practice session includes video feedback from two angles that lets you instantly check your swing plane, club angles and body position, in regular speed, slo-motion or freeze frame. You control the video, right from your hitting mat, and also have access to digital drawing tools to compare positions.

What is the youngest age to start lessons?

There is no age limit. If your child has the interest and can reasonably swing a club and stay focused for a lesson, we can provide you with a lesson plan especially designed for young golfers.

Can my lessons be transferred to another person?

Yes. Talk to your coach for assistance in transferring your lessons.

If I move can I take my lessons at another GolfTEC?

Yes. Your Coach will be able to help you find another center and coach. You can also use any GolfTEC location when you are traveling.

Do you have female coaches?

Yes, we have a growing number of female coaches but not at every center. Please contact your local GolfTEC or visit the website for a list of coaches available.

What is your refund / cancellation policy?

Refunds are available up to 30 days from the time of purchase, and may be pro-rated by lessons taken, discounts applied or days elapsed. Policies may vary based on the location of your purchase.

When do lessons expire?

The life-span of a lesson is predetermined by the specified lesson plan and may be from 3 months to 1 year. You coach can give you detailed information on your plan.

Can I buy lessons for a friend?

Definitely. Contact your coach or local center for purchase details.

TECfit Club Fitting FAQ's

I don’t want lessons, can I just be fitted for clubs?

Yes. GolfTEC offers TECfit, a 60-minute custom club fitting service that is available to everyone and included for students as part of a GolfTEC Game Plan.

How is your club fitting different from others?

TECfit provides the most precise, unbiased fitting experience available. Our fitters are all certified fitting professionals. We use advanced launch monitor technology to measure your launch conditions. While most other fitters stop there, we cross reference your data with an objective SwingLabs database of thousands of club/shaft combination to identify the ideal club combination to optimize your swing.

Does GolfTEC sell clubs?

Yes. We will order clubs based on your TECfit club fitting or your specifications if you choose not to have a fitting. With our large buying power and relationships with leading manufacturers, we can sell custom clubs for the same price that you would pay for off-the-rack clubs at many retailers.

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