Making the Turn - John Purcell

Real Stories Featuring the Students of GOLFTEC


What you get at GOLFTEC is pretty rare.

"We changed my swing."

A fierce competitor, Johnny loves tournament play. Whether the stakes are high or low, he lives for the butterfly feeling of the first tee and being under that pressure. But all in all, he's happiest in tournament play. All of his trophies have been hard won - and he has quite the collection these days. He's put in the work to get better, because he hasn't always been a zero to two handicap.

"This could take a while."

Johnny started out pretty bad. He struggled to play better golf. Like so many of us, he tried throwing money at the problem, buying equipment, training aids and whatever the new fad was. It didn't work. He was introduced to Doug Strawbridge from GOLFTEC, and knew everything was about to change for the better.

"I'm now a scratch golfer."

When he started taking golf lessons at GOLFTEC, Johnny didn't understand why the ball curved the way it did. Now, he is a more intelligent golfer, capable of seeing a ball flight and adapting to a situation. "It's important for me to be able to see what I'm actually doing on the monitors, then I can open that up at home and watch it again." He spent the time and made the effort to practice and re-practice everything from his lessons. It paid off. He's lowered his handicap from an 18 to a 0.



"Doug makes learning fun."

For Johnny, GOLFTEC is more than a place to learn about and improve his golf game. More than a coach and student relationship. For Johnny, it's a family. "And that's pretty rare."

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Tom Rushing

"I'm not going to stop golf until I can no longer play."

Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in his 50's, Tom Rushing saw golf as a way to help with the healing process. After chemotherapy in the morning, he couldn't make a turn, take a full swing. But he could chip. And he could putt. And it made him feel better.


Levar Harrington




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