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His goal - to get better

"I refused to be that horrible at anything."

Levar knew nothing about golf. Invited to play as part of a work event, he balked at the very idea. "I'm not going to like this sport," he thought. But after a bit of peer pressure, he committed to playing. It was a disaster.

"I swung, and hit nothing but the dirt."

Like so many of us, he thought, "How hard can it be?" He bought a 'middle of the road' set of clubs right off the rack, nothing too fancy. He Googled "Tiger Wood's swing" and decided that was all he needed - no practice. Stepping up to his first tee, he hit the dirt, not the ball. Second shot - missed again. Third shot went into the water hazard.

"I'm willing to do it, whatever it takes."

For Levar, it was a very long, terrible round of golf. Most people would give up after an experience like that. Not Levar. He immediately saw the challenge laid out before him, and he wasn't going to allow himself to be that horrible at anything. Within 48 hours, he found GOLFTEC and signed up for lessons.

"We're all trying to be the best golfer we can be."

Putting in the work was never in question. Levar committed himself to lessons in a training bay, practice, playing lessons - whatever it took to not be horrible at golf. His goal was to 'just play better'. "I'm a firm believer that you have to invest the time, do the work, practice and move forward. I say golf is something that is very universal. It's more than just a sport, more than just something to do on a Saturday. All different ages, skill levels, but we're all trying to be the best golfer we can be."

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At a GOLFTEC Swing Evaluation you will see your swing in a completely new light, providing a clear path to improvement that goes beyond anything you've experienced before. Your GOLFTEC Coach will use our technology that measures key body movements combined with real-time video analysis to clearly define how your swing compares to the best players in golf. Together, you'll use this information to create a clearly-defined path for progressive improvement and results that last.

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"I couldn't let go of the club... knowing I could get one step better every day"

As an aspiring young golfer, Tobey was looking to take his passion for golf to the next level with coaching from Coach Doug Strawbridge at GOLFTEC Upper Kirby in Houston, TX.


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