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The hard work will pay off.

"I know the Coaches at GOLFTEC want me to succeed in my golf career."

At 9 years old, Nolan's grandfather introduced him to the game of golf. He was hooked. But it wasn't until nearly 3 years later, when he hit his first, good draw, that he became addicted to golf. That shot opened up a whole new future for Nolan, one where he wants to play 'big-time' golf. Now at 17, he's on a course to do just that.


"Don't underestimate the importance of a club fitting no matter your skill level."

When he first stepped into his local GOLFTEC, Nolan was shooting around 110. He had four golf clubs marked 'iron', 'wedge', 'putter' and 'driver'. "He had an iron called 'iron'," said Coach Adrian Kelley. "It wasn't a 7-iron, I don't know what iron it was. It was just his 'iron'. And he played those for 3 years." Today, Nolan plays with clubs custom fit for him and averages around 77. "Clubs fit for you can save you time. It can force you into good technique, into good swings."

"I want to play college golf."

"I called him out for not practicing as much as he should for the things he wanted to achieve," said Coach Kelley. Nolan wasn't sure he could get where he wanted to be. "Having Coach Adrian tell me if I put in the time, if I work hard enough, even being a 30 handicap, that I could achieve my goals - things changed." Nolan applied himself to the process, began practicing every day, taking regular lessons both inside a GOLFTEC Training Bay, and on the golf course.



"Seeing the pay off - I'm very grateful."

Coach Adrian could not be more proud of Nolan. "His progress has been pretty cool to watch. He's starting to hit it a little harder, he's getting stronger. I'm incredibly proud of how far he has come not only as a golfer, but as a young man." For Nolan's part, the Coaches of GOLFTEC have become a huge part of his life. "They're some of my - I guess I'd call them best friends. I love these guys. They mean a lot to me because I know they care about me, and want me to succeed in my golf career."

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Levar Harrington

"I refused to be horrible at anything."

Invited to a tournament for his work, Levar had never hit a golf ball before. He turned to Tiger Woods YouTube videos to try to learn how to swing a golf club- he was unable to hit the ball consistently and struggled. Due to his frustration in that tournament; he looked up golf lessons and found a local GOLFTEC. He's been working with his Coach Rick Beck for several years. Levar is now a single digit handicap.


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