Making the Turn - Seung Lee

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Seung's goal is to be a scratch golfer.

"Golf is one of the most difficult sports to play. I'm addicted to it now."

Seung's goal of being a scratch golfer drives him to keep getting better. Golf lessons with his coach combined with his drive to excel and improve his game have taken him from a 25 handicap to a 12 in just a couple of years. He is eager, and every good shot, every time he does something right on the course makes him want more. He loves golf, and he will be a scratch golfer.

"Seung has the most golf drive I have ever seen."

"When he came to GOLFTEC, Seung was shooting over 100," said his coach, Matt Lohmeyer. Seung has taken lessons from Loymeyer for two years. "But he knew what he wanted - to be a scratch golfer. I said that's going to take time, and I coach him to that goal. He has already gone from a 25 to a 12 handicap."

"Matt and I are close friends."

Seung has built a lasting relationship with his coach, saying, "Matt and I are more than just coach and student. I try to improve his life as much as he improves my game." And beyond that, Seung has built lasting friendships with the other coaches and students of GOLFTEC. "He practices multiple times each week and is in here talking with everyone. You build these relationships," said Loymeyer, "And that's pretty awesome."



"You need to commit yourself and trust your coach."

For Seung, playing better golf required a plan. "It's not one lesson that's really going to make the difference for anyone. Like everything else, you need a long term plan. Sometimes it takes Matt to remind me of that because I'm so eager. I want to get par. To be that scratch golfer. And I'll get there."

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