Making the Turn - Terry Doyle

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Golf helped him heal while creating an enduring bond.

"It feels peaceful, like this is as good as it can get."

For Terry Doyle, golf has had an impact on his life in so many ways. It helped him recover from a devastating illness; provided a new path and adventure for his nephew, Kyle, who was born with cerebral palsy; brought he and his nephew closer together by playing the game, and even created a greater community of friends who stay connected thanks to golf.

"We almost lost him, he had a really rough time of it."

In 2011 Terry was diagnosed with stage 4 head and neck cancer. It was a tough time, tough diagnosis and a tough treatment that included surgery, chemo and radiation. He lost a lot of weight, down about 60 pounds

His doctor's encouraged him to stay on his feet, stay moving. For Terry, the road to better health was the start of a good journey. He started playing golf and discovered a love for the game, and for life.

"Golf has been a part of the healing process for Terry."

"I thought about refocusing parts of my life, and looked into GOLFTEC," said Terry. "I found it was a great experience. It really did help me move from a person who was very, very sick and had a lot to recover from, to someone who had a lot to look forward to. And with the whole game of golf, I look forward to getting together with my family and friends. I probably have 10 friends in it now, and we all speak the same language and it keeps us motivated to get together and play golf." Terry also found something unexpected and wonderful when he included his nephew, Kyle, in his healing process.



"One of the greatest things golf has done is allowed me to spend time with my nephew, Kyle."

Born with cerebral palsy, Kyle has some unique challenges. His first GOLFTEC Coach, Henry, met that challenge and realized this was not going to be a Ben Hogan Swing. It was a Kyle swing. "These young guys have developed a swing for Kyle and changed his life," said Terry. "They have given Kyle something that he can excel at. And Kyle's a good golfer."

"I just go back to the game of golf in general," said Coach Dane Olah. "And what that did for them and their relationship. The fact that they had this special interest, really brought them closer together. And now they've really built this bond that's unbreakable."

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Making the Turn

Real stories featuring real students

Making the Turn chronicles the inspiring golf journeys of several GOLFTEC Students wanting to play better golf. They each have their own perspective and challenges but share a passion for ongoing improvement and truly understanding their game with a GOLFTEC Coach and friend guiding them every step of the way.

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