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The  ABCs of VIPs

By Jon Levy – Director, Business Development & Travel

ABCs of VIPs

Roll out the red carpet for important clients with GolfTEC Events’ fully-customized VIP solutions to create an experience and brand connection they’ll never forget.

Whether it’s an innate feeling we’re born with, a lesson we’re taught by society from a young age or something we’ve learned that makes us feel good, it’s hard to deny people just love standing out from the crowd – to feel special in some way.

From a business standpoint, like many things major brands know all too well about us, advertisers appeal to this individualization when engaging consumers – so much so that more and more campaigns are specializing in this area and spending millions in the process, because they’re realizing the ROI is well worth the effort.

At GolfTEC we understand this personalization element intrinsically, as not only do our solutions allow for this focus from a brand immersion standpoint, but the very backbone of our sports-driven experiences are 100% customized and focused on the participant through creation of individualized, branded lessons emailed to the participant after the event, called the WebLesson.

Mercedes Benz

Your Complete Hospitality Solution

From a VIP standpoint, GolfTEC Events’ hospitality solutions are as personalized and service-oriented as it gets. Our GolfTEC Certified PGA Professionals – a team of over 650 strong – engage clients at events with the truest form of hospitality in providing whatever the client wants, whenever the client wants it.

Which, if your task is to face an important current or prospective customer with an experience that makes them say, “YES! That was FANTASTIC!”, then you look no further because we’ve got your back.

Our VIP hospitality experiences center around both personalized onsite golf lessons, and use of our simulator technology, with virtual contests that evoke fun and excitement.

Onsite Lessons
We Are Golf
AMEX lessons

As the saying goes, some things change and some things just stay the same.

In the terms of GolfTEC Events’ onsite lessons – while the variables of our events may change dramatically every time we tee it up with a client, the overall resounding satisfaction of a participant who receives that individualized, surprisingly effective golf lesson never waivers.

There’s a reason why GolfTEC has become the world leader in golf instruction – teaching over 5 MILLION golf lessons and 25% of lessons given in the U.S. annually – and coupled with our ability to fit these proven instructional platforms to the parameters of your specific event, while branding the experience  so participants are left with a permanent, positive connection to your business, our onsite lessons are an instant home run every time.

Virtual Contests
Virtual Contests

While our onsite lessons are ideally fit for lower-traffic periods where individual attention is the goal, when higher-volume moments call for a quick-hitting solution, our Virtual Contests fit perfectly by creating excitement and drawing crowds to the area.

Entice the ego by challenging participants to hit the longest drive. Appeal to their accuracy skills by offering a par-3 closest-to-the-pin challenge.  Or use our simulator technology to play famous golf holes for a combination of all of the above.

Any platform chosen for this experience is the ultimate entertainment regardless, and one surely to leave guests buzzing about the fun they’ve had.

And the best part?

Our VIP hospitality solutions have the flexibility to easily change between this high-throughput solution and the more personalized lessons at the flip of a switch.

Virtual Simulator
The End Result

You guessed it: Happy clients.

Further explained, happy clients who will remember your brand for providing them with the fantastic experience, forever connecting that experience positively with an appreciation of your shared values.

We’ve chronicled this post-event participant connection at length in a previous article – the GolfTEC WebLesson – which accompanies our onsite lessons to provide a recap of the experience and appropriate tips and drills specific to the participant.

Within 48 hours of the event, the WebLesson is sent via a client-branded email, which links to a client-branded platform that showcases the experience.

And, the ROI regarding this post-event participant connection?

  • • 85% of participants click on the WebLesson they receive!

  • • Once they do, they spend an average of 16 MINUTES on that branded website viewing their lesson!

  • • They then return an average of 2.6 times to view the branded lesson again!

This statistical data all but speaks for itself, but the bottom line is people are irresistibly drawn to things they are passionate about, and since golf is an extremely passion-invoking sport …

Give them the opportunity to improve their golf games and we’ll give you this proven ROI by unequivocally helping your customer – and your brand – stand out from the crowd.

Ready to put our brand-building expertise to work during your next event? Contact us for more information.

Let our brand-building expertise work for you!

For more information on our solutions and how we can generate unparalleled ROI for your brand, contact us today!

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