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Which Engagement Steals the Show?

By Jon Levy – Director, Business Development & Travel

GolfTEC Events helps put your best foot forward for the ultimate golf engagement, but which of our experiences are right for your brand?

For over 20 years, GolfTEC has provided industry-leading technology combined with elite instruction to grow into the world leader in helping people play better golf. With over 650 GolfTEC Certified Personal Coaches and 190 Improvement Centers worldwide, we’ve now given nearly 6 MILLION golf lessons and continue our industry-leading mission to improve golfers so they enjoy the game more.

Our mobile events division, GolfTEC Events, has likewise provided this same technology and expertise over the years to help brands engage customers with exciting and impactful experiences for an unparalleled level of ROI, which includes our irresistible post-event connection, the GolfTEC WebLesson.

If you’ve ever experienced our events yourself, you already know we’re the hit of the show and that one engagement everyone knows about. But, when it comes to looking at the differences of our three main experiences of Swing Capture, Onsite Lessons and Virtual Contests, how should you decipher which are ideal for your event?

Swing Capture

The most robust and efficient of GolfTEC Events’ solutions, our Rapid Swing Capture is popular with PGA Tour fan experiences because of the potential to maximize throughput while creating a permanent, positive connection after the engagement through our highly-viewed WebLesson 48 hours later.

In fact, 85% of our participants visit their post-event WebLessons, spend an average of 16 minutes viewing on the client-branded website, and then revisit an average of 2.6 times! It’s easy to see why major brands find value in this proven solution year after year because of this incredibly powerful ROI.

When Swing Capture is ideal for your event: 

If you’re looking for a high-throughput activation that provides a unique onsite experience while also creating powerful ROI long after the event, this is the perfect engagement to suit your needs.

Charles Schwab Landing Page
Onsite Lessons

With GolfTEC PGA professionals spending invaluable one-on-one time teaching your guests right there on the spot, it’s easy to understand why our VIP-focused clients come back to this solution time and again. OurOnsite Lessons are as personalized as it gets, and along with the client-branded WebLesson complementing this high-end experience after the event, participants are provided with an unforgettable onsite engagement and extended post-event connection.

When Onsite Lessons are ideal for your event: 

For VIP- and hospitality-focused experiences that don’t need a high-throughput activation, but rather an added touch of personal attention to leave a lasting impression on your guests for a long time to come, this is undoubtedly the ideal choice for your engagement.

Events Lesson Queue
Virtual Contests

Everybody loves a good contest – especially when incentivized – which is exactly why our Virtual Contest bays are a go-to for engagements big and small. They generate excitement and easy-to-track ROI for clients, are always memorable, and consistently remain an easy attraction to elicit attention.

When Virtual Contests are ideal for your event: 

If your’re looking for a high-throughput activation that has an extra boost of FUN(!), then there’s no contesting GolfTEC’s Virtual Contests. Our exciting, crowd-drawing experience gets everyone buzzing about your event and how fun it is to give it a go, which is why GolfTEC Events’ Virtual Contests remain popular across a wide spectrum of engagements.

AT&T Lesson Bay
But Wait, There's More!

Our Swing Capture, Onsite Lessons and Virtual Contests cover all strategic angles provide the ultimate golf engagement, but these three platforms are merely a baseline experience around which we work. Our ability to 100% customize each and every event unique to our clients is truly the reason for our success through the years.

Simply explained, this is evident in the fact that we can easily combine any or all of our experiences, take just a few, unique elements from each, and with our proprietary motion analysis technology, even cross over into other sports!

The bottom line is that whatever your engagement needs, we’ve got it covered. So let GolfTEC Events’ proven expertise custom-tailor your next experience so you put your best foot forward and have customers come running back for more.


Ready to put our brand-building expertise to work during your next event? Contact us for more information.

Let our brand-building expertise work for you!

For more information on our solutions and how we can generate unparalleled ROI for your brand, contact us today!

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