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Proof There's Life After Death Activation

By Jon Levy – Director, Business Development & Travel

Life After Activation

The impact of some things just can't be measured... or can they?

If you’ve ever read anything about GolfTEC Events or are at all familiar with the premise of our ROI-generating engagements, you’ve likely seen the impressive measured stats associated with our activations:

  • • 85% of event participants access their post-event-emailed WebLessons

  • • Once they do, they view the branded lesson for an average of 16 MINUTES

  • • They then return to view an average of 2.6 times

These are some solid numbers if you think about it (Who spends 16 minutes doing anything online these days, much less while being immersed in brand message?), but what do these stats mean when it comes to your business and an event facilitated with GolfTEC Events?

This month we’re discussing how these measurable stats will have an immeasurable impact on your brand because of the indefinite, positive connection created from an irresistible post-event draw.

The GolfTEC Events Weblesson

As covered in depth in a previous GolfTEC Events article, our solutions center around three main experiences:

  1. • Rapid Swing Capture – An online golf lesson created from a rapid-throughput activation (1 per minute) for
                                                 high-volume events

  2.  Onsite lessons – Personalized golf lessons for VIP attention at hospitality engagements

  3. • Virtual contests – Simulator games for creating excitement and incentivized campaigns

And while all three of these events are fantastic attractions during the engagement, these first two solutions also include GolfTEC Events’ proprietary WebLessons after the event, which are the backbone for our above-stated stats regarding ROI generation.

What is a GolfTEC WebLesson, you ask?

In a simple phrase: Your ROI.

More descriptively stated, GolfTEC Events’ WebLessons are personalized online golf lessons with tips and drills from one of our 650 Certified PGA Professionals that appeal to golfers’ incredible passion surrounding the game of golf.

Once a participant goes through the activation, a branded email containing the branded WebLesson is sent within 48 hours back to the participant, irresistibly drawing that person back in because of the exciting premise that they can improve at the game they’re so passionate about.

Then once clicked, participants historically spend a lot of time watching these branded lessons because his or her passion about the (enticingly-difficult) game of golf cannot be denied, so it’s watched at length the first time and revisited subsequently at will, using GolfTEC’s invaluable information to help this passionate golfer improve.

What this post-event connection means for your brand

Last month, we explored how taking the leap into event marketing can majorly impact your business if done correctly, so that’s great that these impressive stats are now associated with your brand’s ROI for participants following an engagement with GolfTEC Events … but what does this connection truly mean for your brand?

In another simple phrase: An immeasurable, positive and permanent association, leading to a customer who appreciates your shared values.

Think about it – a current or prospective customer experiences your GolfTEC Events engagement, is captivated by the first impression your brand is providing, and then receives the post-event WebLesson that has your brand message all over it, with irresistible, 100% personalized content that will yield significant improvement at the sport he or she loves – an experience forever now credited to your brand … need we say more?

OK, enough said, put us to work!
Events Experiences

At GolfTEC events, our passion is to connect your passion with passionate people who can help your business grow.

As the world’s leader in helping people play better golf with over 190 worldwide Improvement Centers and 5 MILLION golf lessons taught, our stats all but speak for themselves. But nothing talks without your brand’s initiative to put us to work for you, so give us the opportunity to illustrate just how these numbers can yield immeasurable ROI through an indefinite, positive connection and we’ll prove how there is life after the activation; life directly related to your brand.

Ready to put our brand-building expertise to work during your next event? Contact us for more information.

Let our brand-building expertise work for you!

For more information on our solutions and how we can generate unparalleled ROI for your brand, contact us today!

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