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Rules of Engagement

By Jon Levy – Director, Business Development & Travel

Rules of Engagement

Emotions often rule consumers’ buying habits, which is why GolfTEC Events connects brands with customers by appealing to their strong passion surrounding golf for a permanent, positive connection and unparalleled ROI.

“Identify their pain and appeal to it.”If you’ve taken sales training of any kind, you’ve likely heard some version of the aforementioned line. 

It’s well documented that consumers’ emotions have a strong influence on their buying habits, and, as any successful sales person may explain, the quicker you can identify their pain and how what you are selling can solve it, the better chance you have at making your sale.

From a brand standpoint when engaging customers – whether in a large-scale capacity or on a smaller, more personal basis – the most successful activations often result from a strong personal connection and, you guessed it, appealing to that pain.

At GolfTEC, we know this very well since golf is, after all, an emotion-driving sport for which people carry A LOT of passion. Our core business has taught over 5 million(!) golf lessons in the past 20 years, so we undoubtedly see this on a daily basis.

As for GolfTEC Events’ engagements, specifically, we appeal to this passion directly while immersing the participant in brand message and then permanently connect them back to the experience with an irresistible post-event connection, called the WebLesson.

Simply put, we drive people to our engagements by creating an opportunity for golf game improvement, while customizing the engagement and post-event touch to immerse in brand message. The combination of these ingredients results in a permanent brand association from the experience.

Charles Schwab

The effectiveness of this process all but speaks for itself:

  • • 85% of participants click on the WebLesson they receive after an engagement

  • • Once they do, they spend an average of 16 minutes on the branded website viewing their lesson

  • • They then return an average of 2.6 times to view the lesson again

But, as GolfTEC SVP of Business Development, Steve Bauerle, explains, the real measure of our engagements’ effectiveness is the favorable view of brand forever imprinted onto the participant:

  • “As GolfTEC’s core business has grown into becoming the world leader in helping people play better golf, GolfTEC Events has likewise become a leading industry expert in helping brands grow by drawing golfers into an experience they can’t resist, and then tying them back with customized content that hits home with the exact reason they’re drawn to the engagement in the first place.

  • “And while our post-event statistics of participant touch are certainly impressive from a metric standpoint, the true measure of success is the favorable, permanent association to brand created because of the experience.

  • “There’s a reason why we’ve grown to teach 25% of all golf lessons in the U.S. annually, and using the backbone of this proven instruction for engagements yields an incredibly-effective experience for the participant, and ROI for the brand.

  • “Our participants are constantly blown away with just how detailed, personalized and effective our WebLessons are, as are our clients with results because of the new, permanent connection that has been created.”

pumped up golfer
Why Appealing to Emotion Works

An article on notes an Institute of Practitioners in Advertising study that shows emotion-based advertising campaigns perform nearly twice as well as ads based on rational content, and an article similarly indicates the effectiveness of appealing to emotion in the experiential marketing realm.

This is no surprise to us, as we discussed last month how individualizing advertising campaigns and consumer engagements has become the “it” thing for where marketing dollars are spent today, and likewise how GolfTEC Events appeals to this idea with our customized VIP engagements.

The emotional pain in this regard – our desire to feel special – funnels down to the intrinsic idea that we like things that make us feel good, and we’ll buy products with that in mind.

Every GolfTEC Events experience likewise boils down to the fact that playing better golf just plain makes us feel good.

Our engagements help people play better golf while immersing this opportunity in client brand during the customized experience, and then after the event through unlimited access to personalized content, which in turn associates the experience positively and permanently.

Or, as put in terms as the associated industry research: We appeal directly and effectively to the emotional drivers that have been proven to sell.

People are quite simply drawn to participate in our engagements because the passion they have for golf is undeniable, and the experience is easy, fun and expertly-facilitated.

And once they’ve received that surprisingly-effective WebLesson, leaving them with a permanent, favorable view of your brand?

Now that’s something worth getting emotional over.

Ready to put our brand-building expertise to work during your next event? Contact us for more information.

Let our brand-building expertise work for you!

For more information on our solutions and how we can generate unparalleled ROI for your brand, contact us today!

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