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Event Marketing: Take the Leap

By Jon Levy – Director, Business Development & Travel

Take The Leap

Take the leap with event marketing and do it right with GolfTEC Events.

Most of us have been there before: You’re dying to ask that crush to dance at your seventh-grade mixer. You need to. You’re confident that your life, as you know it, will forever change by gallivanting off into the sunset with this person, all because you took the biggest chance of your life – facing potential embarrassment and non-stop ridicule from your friends if you get shot down – by saying the five most important words of your young life to date: “Will you dance with me?”

But, you don’t do it. Instead of letting go, acting on what your heart knows is right, the fear of what could go wrong takes over and you remain frozen at your table, drinking that cup of Kool-Aid like it’s a crutch keeping you alive.

GolfTEC EventsAlright, enough of the adolescent flashback if you aren’t sweating already, bt what if we were to relate this scenario to your business and the leap taken – or not taken – to drive a positive brand awareness and connection through event marketing? Are you the one asking your crush to dance, or the wallflower with a Kool-Aid-stained shirt?

We get it – budgets are tight and tough choices have to be made when it comes to any event marketing where your company is showcased in an effort to grow.

But here’s a thought: Take one last gulp of that sugary drink, get up off of your chair and walk over to your crush to say those five words. Because, the old adage of “You never know until you try” could not ring any truer when it comes to the positive impact event marketing – the right kind of event marketing – could have on your business.

Which is why this month we’re discussing why it’s important to take the leap into event marketing, and how GolfTEC Events helps your business connect with potential and current customers to maximize ROI in this arena, forever creating a positive brand connection and loyal customer base.

Know why you're spending this money in the first place
2009 PGA Championship

So you’ve allocated X amount of dollars to trade shows, Y amount to a mobile tour, and Z amount to a blowout hospitality event.

But, why?

Have you tracked ROI for these events and know the money is being spent efficiently? And, do you really know these events are helping your business to grow and further positive brand awareness?

We previously wrote an article covering some of the reasons businesses interact with customers through various engagements, and myths associated with these motivations. It basically comes down to a creation of shared values through targeted, simple messaging, which creates a loyal customer.

In other words, instead of bombarding customers with your whole menu and why your company is the best, if you find a common ground and keep your intentions easy to understand, you’d be surprised just how powerful the effect is to accomplish your goals.

Stand out above the rest

Of course that’s obvious, but how do you it? Make your sign bigger than everyone else’s? Beg people to visit your booth or attend your function?

We believe that driving participation in a sport people are passionate about is what creates strong ROI and a permanent, positive connection to the brand – truly helping our engagements stand out above the rest.

But, don’t just take our word for it – we’ve tracked the lead generation our engagements create, and it’s more than worth noting:

  • • 85% of participants click on the WebLesson they receive!

  • • Once they do, they spend an average of 16 MINUTES on that branded website viewing their lesson!

  • • They then return an average of 2.6 times to view the branded lesson again!

The simple truth of the matter is people love events that provide an opportunity to participate first-hand, and since people LOVE the game of golf, they’re instantly in when they see a chance to do anything associated with the game. Combine that with the right brand messaging and immersion into your business, and your message reaches these customers with a unique and permanent brand connection that will make your company stand alone.

Drive your point home quickly, efficiently, and earn that customer for life
Stand Out

In this day and age of instant gratification and fast-paced everything, you don’t have much time to get your point across before your customer’s attention is “so five seconds ago.”

So, make it count. Draw the customer in with a unique engagement (ahem, a participation-laden golf event with GolfTEC Events!), relate it to your brand and connection to their values, and you’ll earn a loyal customer.

We also covered this topic in a previous article, concluding that if you show that you can have a little fun along the way while executing a top-notch, expertly-run event that appeals to your audience, then that relationship has a much better chance to flourish in the future. Furthermore, if that experience acts to fit the company’s mission and values – performing positively as a brand ambassador – the credibility garnered will go through the roof.

“We show our corporate partners how we add value to their events by creating unique, interactive impressions upon their clients. For example, at each event we develop one-on-one relationships with each participant – strictly adhering to the objectives of that client’s overall branding strategy – so that each person walks away with a favorable impression of the experience. We very much see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ brand and therefore we are very sensitive to the details that formulate that overall impression,” says Steve Bauerle, GolfTEC’s SVP of Business Development.

You just did it
Events Slow Dance

Congratulations, you seventh-grade rock star. You’re now busting a move on the floor with that special someone, and life couldn’t be any better. Because, after all, what they say is true: You gave it a shot, and you now know life is better because you took the leap with event marketing. So, sit back, enjoy the positive brand connection you’ve created and watch that ROI pour in like a big, wonderful glass of Kool-Aid.

Ready to put our brand-building expertise to work during your next event? Contact us for more information.

Let our brand-building expertise work for you!

For more information on our solutions and how we can generate unparalleled ROI for your brand, contact us today!

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