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Improve your game with GolfTEC Instruction at The Oaks

GolfTEC Middleton will be conducting the Junior Program, as well as a majority of the golf instruction at The Oaks Golf Course. 

For golfers who are serious about golf instruction and improving their games, or getting started correctly, GolfTEC provides an unmatched experience and consistent results.

Giving millions of golf lessons to thousands of golfers of every ability confirms our belief in a comprehensive approach to game improvement. We know that an on-going Game Plan will build your golf skills faster and provide more lasting results than an occasional golf lesson.

At GolfTEC, you’ll have your own Certified Personal Coach who knows your golf game and is passionate about seeing it improve. We have developed the Five Factors needed for maximum improvement. When incorporated into your Game Plan, they lead to a swing you can depend on again and again.

You’ll be using the latest golf learning technology and instant video replay for clear and immediate feedback.

Ready for better golf? A Swing Evaluation is your first step.

The GolfTEC Swing Evaluation is an essential step in starting your improvement. The Swing Evaluation is particularly important because it generates not just an opinion, but an informative, fact-based diagnosis of your golf swing. Instead of just looking at your swing, we’ll record it from two directions for slow motion and stop-action review.

Simultaneously, with our Motion Measurement technology, we’ll quantify the mechanics of the most important elements of your swing, such as degrees of shoulder turn and hip sway. The result is a clear and measurable foundation for building a better game for you.

Fill out the form on this page to book your Swing Evaluation! 

Lesson Types

This is where we master the golf fundamentals, building a solid, dependable swing that is easily repeatable. From the grip to take-away to swing planes to follow-through, we’ll sequentially address each element of the golf swing. 

You’ll develop the rhythm and balance to get clean contact, more distance and greater accuracy with your driver and longer distance clubs.

This is where better scoring happens, and important skills are developed. We’ll work on the different kinds of chipping and pitching shots that will let you stick a high approach shot on the green or run a chip up close to the pin. 

You’ll learn to control your contact, spin, trajectory and roll to get precisely the results you’re looking for.

Grip, set-up, stance; we’ll address every part of the putting stroke. Our experience and g-PUTT system of video and motion measurement will help you create a consistent swing line, contact and pace. 

You’ll have golf drills you can take to the course to get you prepared for every round. With a smoother stroke, we’ll move on reading greens for the targeting and touch get them to drop with regularity.

This is an interesting and valuable change of pace, to see how your swing is really working under the variable conditions on the course. 

You’ll discuss handling bunkers, deep rough and other specialized shots, while learning to manage your way around the golf course to avoid problems and set up opportunities for better scoring.

Build Confidence with The Right Equipment

Nothing builds confidence in your golf game like knowing you’re using the ideal golf clubs to maximize every shot you make. TECFit®, GolfTEC’s proprietary, 90-minute golf club fitting system, provides the most precise, unbiased fitting experience available anywhere.

Any custom golf club fitting experience is only as good as the fitter you work with, and at GolfTEC, each of our fitters is a certified professional who will use their extensive fitting experience to determine the ideal clubs for you.

It is our goal to provide quality instruction and insight on all aspects of the game of golf in the most exciting, safe and fun filled atmosphere for all to enjoy. To accomplish this, we need to work with your junior to create an athlete, which will ultimately create a better golfer. 

Click here for more information. To pay for your child online, or to pay for the welcome party & wrap up party click here.  

Talk to a Coach to Learn More!

Get your improvement started by filling out the form below. A local GolfTEC coach will get back to you to talk about your game and exactly how GolfTEC can help you improve.

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Current and Past GolfTEC Students

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Call (877) 446-5383
7am - 6pm MST, M-F
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