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Welcome to GolfTEC , home of the Proven Path to Proven Results®. A golf lesson from GolfTEC is an experience that surpasses other golf lessons available in the area. Our unique approach to golf improvement has allowed us to help thousands of players achieve lower scores and career-best rounds. We provide instruction for every golfer, from beginners and high handicappers to competitive players. In fact, we teach over 25% of all the private golf lessons given in the U.S. annually.

A Shared Passion

Anyone bitten by the golf bug shares a common tie that feeds their passion for the game. The quest to improve and master this complicated game is at the core of most golfers' psyche. For many of us, whether we've played golf for decades or are just getting started, the quest for consistency on the golf course is a constant challenge. At GolfTEC , our passion lies in helping players of all ages and abilities play their best.

Getting Started is Easy

There are several options for starting with lessons at GolfTEC . Most of our students begin with our complete Swing Evaluation, a 60-minute session designed to provide a thorough fact-based diagnosis of your swing, coupled with a personalized game plan to map your path to improvement. To schedule a Swing Evaluation online, click here.

We then offer a variety of Game Plans and Lesson Packs to fit your golf goals and budget. These can include private lessons with your own Certified Personal Coach in our climate controlled teaching bays, video practice time, and even mobile lessons.

Of course, if you're more focused on your golf equipment, GolfTEC is a great resource. We offer several club-related services that will analyze the clubs in your bag and provide custom club fitting solutions. Our unique TECFit Club Fitting service is delivered by our certified club fitters. They use the latest launch measurement technology and an unbiased database of thousands of models to recommend the custom golf clubs that will maximize your current skills. You can choose driver fittings, iron fittings or wedge fittings. Click here to learn more about our club fitting services.

A Lifetime of Better Golf for You

We know that the decision to take golf lessons is a big step. There are so many resources (books, videos, peers, etc.) available to aid in your improvement that don't require a heavy investment of time and money. It's only natural to want a quick, easy fix to repair your golf swing. While some of these resources can help your general understanding of the swing, most won’t address the specific elements of your swing.

The truth is that the best way to improve is by committing the time and effort with professional golf lessons. There are so many instructors available it's hard to know which is best for you. But consider this as you research your options: Only GolfTEC has all five factors needed for maximum improvement and lasting results. While other options in may offer some of these factors, none will be able to provide the same level of comprehensive golf lesson guidance that we offer.


1.            Fact-based Diagnosis — Using our patented g-SWING system, you'll receive an objective analysis using video, motion measurement and a proprietary database of over 150 Tour players.

2.            Sequential Lessons — GolfTEC's Certified Personal Coaches give easily understood golf lessons that build repeatable skills and lasting results, working on each swing from the ground up and from address to finish.

3.            Video-based Practice — Learning rates are dramatically accelerated with visual feedback that positively reinforces new swing habits.

4.            Advanced Retention Tools — GolfTEC's online Player Performance Center provides private 24/7 access to golf lesson history, past swing videos and practice drills that reinforce every improvement program.

5.            Precision-matched Clubs — GolfTEC's unbiased golf club fitting process filters through more than 1,000 clubs to find the ideal match to each player's swing.


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