GOLFTEC’s August Crush It Sale arrives during a new era for the world leader in golf instruction

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August at GOLFTEC: That exciting time of year when GOLFTEC Lesson Plans are offered at up to a 20 percent discount during the GOLFTEC August Crush It Sale.

This translates into busy Training Center doors everywhere, with students eager to join the hundreds of thousands who have improved at a staggering average of seven strokes. It also translates into an enormous buzz for everyone internally at GOLFTEC; this year even more than ever, considering the new era the world leader in golf instruction finds itself in.

GOLFTEC rebranding unveiled

The evolution of the GOLFTEC brand, for that matter, has come front and center in 2017.

A new logo, Training Center design, enhanced club fitting initiative and updated technology integration plan headline GOLFTEC’s robust brand evolution overhaul. An overhaul that, similar to GOLFTEC’s start over 20 years ago, was executed under a leap of faith that the aid of technology and fact-based instruction are the most effective ways to help people play better golf.

From idea to company to brand

In the video below, GOLFTEC Co-Founder and CEO, Joe Assell, discusses how the company – first called, Driving Obsession – evolved from a simple idea in the mid-1990s into the worldwide leader in golf instruction, with millions of lessons taught by its skilled and passionate Coaches.

This journey of brand evolution, therefore – if nothing else – signifies a renewed commitment from GOLFTEC to its students and Coaches, and growing the great game of golf. Which is why this August at GOLFTEC, perhaps more than any in the past, there’s an added air of excitement beyond just the August Crush It Sale.

VIDEO: The Growth and Evolution of GOLFTEC

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