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    At GOLFTEC, we know custom-fit clubs will make a huge impact on your game. To help offset the cost of new clubs, we are offering a Club Trade Up program powered by 2nd Swing Value Guide. Using the form below, you can assess the value of those old clubs in your bag, trade them in and use the cash towards a new set of custom fit clubs at your local GOLFTEC!

    SPECIAL OFFER: October 13th through November 13th, we are offering 25% Bonus on trade-ins when you use the code GOLFTEC25 during checkout! Example: A club valued at $100 will net you $125!

    For more information regarding your trade-in,
    call 612-216-5205 ext. 2. 

    Follow these simple steps to trade up!

    1. Complete the Trade Up form below

    2. Claim your 25% bonus, use promo code: GOLFTEC25

    3. Receive a check once your clubs are evaluated

    4. Use your cash to buy new custom-fit clubs at your local GOLFTEC

    Start your trade-in below!

    Finished your trade-in? Schedule Your Fitting


    Pricing estimate for Club Trade-In quote is good for 90-days. All clubs must be received within 90 days of submitting your online trade. 25% Trade-In Bonus ends Nov 13th.
    *All trade-in valuations and processes are handled by 2nd Swing and 2nd Swing only. GOLFTEC assumes no responsibility for used clubs or reimbursement for individual’s used golf clubs.
    Offer and service valid at participating GOLFTEC Centers only within the United States of America. For information on club trade-in call 612-216-5205 ext. 2.  Terms & Conditions

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