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Together, we can take your game to the next level

GOLFTEC is the world leader in golf instruction and lessons. We provide a comprehensive approach to game improvement with a complete arsenal of training tools to make you the golfer you want to be.

We know an ongoing Game Plan of lessons and practice builds your golf skills faster and provides more lasting results than an occasional golf lesson or quick fix. The proof is in our 96% success rate.

After giving millions of golf lessons to thousands of golfers of every ability and seeing them improve, shave strokes and enjoy the game more, we know our comprehensive approach to  golf improvement works.

At GOLFTEC, your Certified Personal Coach gets to know you and your golf game, guides you, motivates you and keeps you focused on meeting the goals you set together.

Training Bay

Here, you master the fundamentals of a repeatable swing that is dependable on the golf course. You and your Coach will work on your key swing flaws that are holding you back, one at a time. In a GOLFTEC Training Bay, you will master your swing changes that will lead to better contact, greater accuracy and more distance on the golf course.


Translating what you learn in the Training Bay to the course is essential to improving your game, with the use of TECSWING GO during on-course lessons, your Coach analyzes how your swing is affected by variable situations and conditions on the golf course.


Around the green is where better scoring happens. Your Coach works with you to master the many short game shots you will face on the course. With GOLFTEC, you learn to control your contact, spin, trajectory and roll from the fairway, rough, bunkers and fringe.


Your Coach addresses every part of your putting game, identifying the best putting technique to create consistent contact and pace. Your Coach provides putting drills for you to take to the course that prepare you for every round.

Game Plans
Serious Improvement

A comprehensive Game Plan includes all the elements necessary for serious improvement. Every GOLFTEC Game Plan starts with a Swing Evaluation and includes a series of lessons with your GOLFTEC Certified Personal Coach, TECFIT club fitting and video-based practice.

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The Right Clubs can Exceed Your Expectations

We work with the top vendors in the industry who provide a comprehensive range of clubs for all types of players. The right clubs and the right fit can make a huge difference in your game. Our TECFIT club fitting will make sure you have both. You’ll swing more confidently, knowing you have the equipment perfectly fit to your swing.

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