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Certified Personal Coach

Each of our coaches is an experienced professional; passionate about improving your game.

All go through the rigorous multi-week certification at GolfTEC University where they master the analysis of golf mechanics, the technology of the GolfTEC system, and the most productive teaching techniques.

Their teaching is regularly reviewed and refined for maximum effectiveness. You’ll enjoy having a coach who genuinely cares about your progress.

Foresight® Launch Monitor

The monitor captures and displays all the ball performance data generated by each swing it records. These include ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, sidespin and backspin rates and more.

Your Certified Personal Coach will utilize this data as part of a TECfit club fitting or as part of the feedback process to show changes in ball performance as a result of swing adjustments.

Video Practice Box

Nothing makes your practice time more productive than immediate visual feedback. Our Video-Based practice system lets you control video from two angles simultaneously, in regular speed, slo-motion or freeze frame.

You can even use video drawing tools to add lines that make it easy top check your swing plane, club angle and body position. Instant Video Replay is available with any practice session, and as convenient as touching a button with your club, right from the hitting mat.

Motion Measurement

An important part of many of your lessons will be the motion measurement system which includes the sensors which are strapped to you and the data reader.

As part of our fact-based diagnosis, it measures twelve critical elements of the mechanics of the swing including; shoulder turn, shoulder tilt, shoulder bend, hip turn, hip tilt and hip bend.

These numbers are then used by our coaches to point out where and how much adjustment needs to be made for a more effective swing.


Only GolfTEC’s patented software package allows you to see real-time video and motion measurement simultaneously.

This eye-opening tool makes it easy to diagnose, communicate and measure the changes that will improve your swing.

Color codes indicate how much adjustment the different areas of the swing may require.

Combining the objective measurements with video analysis makes it easy for you and your coach to work precisely on the changes that will enhance your game.

Launch Monitor Display

The large monitors in many Teaching Bays are used predominantly as part of our TECfit club fitting experience. Combined with the Foresight Game Changer, it records your ball flight data and displays the resulting shot shape.

You’ll see the flight patterns that your current swing and equipment create, which your club fitter will use, along with launch data, in determining the best clubs for you.

Your Coach may also choose to use the Launch Monitor Display to show changes in a shot shape or a Virtual Playing Lesson.

TEC Cards

Found in all of our Teaching Bays, these cards provide content and visuals on hitting a variety of golf shots, from bunkers to putts.

They include helpful insights on distance control, set-up and practice methods, as well as perspectives on course management.

They are always available during your lessons and practice sessions.

High Speed Cameras

Two high speed digital cameras record concurrent views of your swing from face-on and down the line.

These are instantly available for regular speed, slo-mo and frame-by-frame review of any swing from either angle.

Learn with Motion Measurement
and Video Technology

GolfTEC provides you with access to advanced golf learning technology including motion measurement and video technology that is rarely available to the average golfer.

As part of your initial GolfTEC Swing Evaluation, we’ll utilize our patented g-SWING technology that simultaneously provides video and motion measurement of your golf swing.  By quantifying the mechanics of your golf swing we have the facts for guiding and measuring swing changes.

To help with proper club fitting, we use Foresight® launch monitors to measure launch angles, spin rates, club speeds and much more. These results are then paired with SwingLabs® database to help select the ideal clubs for your swing.

Throughout your golf lessons, and even in your personal practice sessions you’ll have access to interactive video of your swing, from the front and down the target line. You can see and control the video through our easy to use button box. You can even use video drawing tools to create a visual reference for swing plane, body positions and more. This instant video feedback dramatically accelerates the improvement process of your golf swing.

Outside the Improvement Center, you can access your lessons and video through our online Player Performance Center.

Call (877) 446-5383
7am - 6pm MST, M-F
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