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    We have a proven way of helping golfers of all levels get way better

    To get Way Better at this game takes more than swing opinion and theory. It takes numbers, data, and facts and that is where every GOLFTEC Student starts. Leveraging our OptiMotion swing measurement system, our Coaches start with measuring your swing. And this is the starting base for your journey to a way better swing and game

    The Way to Way Better

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    The Way To Way Better - Louie Lee

    Ear-to-ear smiles, a-ha moments, and real results are what drive us.

    Most golf instructors can get you a little better, but if you want to get Way Better you need a GOLFTEC Coach. Not only do they have all the advanced GOLFTEC tools, but they are also highly skilled and go through extensive training that never stops. They understand the commitment it takes from the Student and Coach working toward a mutual goal of Way Better golf. Your GOLFTEC Coach is as passionate about your improvement as you are.

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