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Experience a whole new level of game improvement with the GOLFTEC App's on-course GPS and game tracking features, which offer valuable insights into your performance.

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Get more Features with GOLFTEC+

GOLFTEC+ is the premium subscription level of the GOLFTEC App that includes on-course features that take your game improvement to a whole new level.

$49.99 Year / Included for Students*

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On-Course GOLFTEC+ Features

Play Golf with GPS

GOLFTEC+ Feature

Take GOLFTEC to the course with our precise GPS tool that calculates exact yardages to any point on the golf course. Includes: adjustable distances, detailed green reading, coach strategy notes, and more.


Stats to Track

GOLFTEC+ Feature

We have introduced our new Stats to Track system that catalogs key data about your game and provides insights to help you improve faster by finding real opportunities to improve.

Bag Mapping

GOLFTEC+ Feature

With our new Bag Mapping feature, you’ll have a better understanding and tracking of your distances with each club. This feature also provides personalized club recommendations for every shot on the course and can help identify any gaps in your club selection.


Performance Insights

GOLFTEC+ Feature

At GOLFTEC, you gain valuable data about your game in the GOLFTEC bays during lessons, club fittings, Skills Assessments, putting lessons, and more. Additionally, while on the course, you can leverage the GOLFTEC app’s GPS and stat tracking to track your on-course performance. All the data accumulated, stored and thoroughly analyzed within GOLFTEC Performance Insights.

Enhanced Improvement Tools

Review Lessons & Drills

Dive deep into your previous lessons with videos of your swings, coach analysis and drills from any of your previous lessons. All your lesson feedback from your Coach and what you need to work is always in your pocket with the GOLFTEC App!


Record Your Swings

Use your phone with the GOLFTEC App to record or upload your swings from the front or side anywhere you want. The App will auto trim your video to your swing and you can draw lines, play back video and upload to GOLFTEC where you and your coach can access any time for review.

Book & Manage Lessons & Practices

The app makes it easy to book your lessons, club fittings and practice sessions. With monthly views and easy-to-see availability, managing your schedule is easy.


Plus Much More

Access the Pro Shop

You'll have access to the GOLFTEC Pro Shop in the App where you can find curated golf products that help you play and enjoy the game even more. Current students and GOLFTEC+ subscribers have special discounted pricing exclusive to them!


Manage Your Account

Update your account right from your app. From profile settings, to payment methods, you can easily see and manage your personal information for complete control of your preferences and security.

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