Get Started with a Swing Evaluation

Your introductory golf lesson at GOLFTEC is a $125 Swing Evaluation. This lesson is where your Coach assesses your golf swing, and asks you about the overall state of your game. Fill out this form and a local GOLFTEC Coach will contact you about scheduling your Swing Evaluation.


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Swing Better. Play Better.

It all starts with a Swing Evaluation!

Welcome to your Swing Evaluation. During this 60-minute golf lesson, you and your Coach discuss where your game is now and where you'd like it to be. Your Coach quantifies your golf swing with our Motion Measurement technology and video analysis to give you an in-depth view. And armed with this information, your Coach recommends a customized golf lesson plan to reach your stated goals.

What to expect at your Swing Evaluation


Arrive Ready to Swing

Bring your full set of golf clubs. You can wear whatever's comfortable to swing in and we recommend golf shoes or tennis shoes.

Motion Measurement 

You are outfitted with GOLFTEC's motion measurement technology on your shoulders and hips to accurately gauge key body movements in your golf swing.



Video Analysis

As you get started, your Coach captures video of your current swing. Ball flight data from the launch monitor is displayed on screen. And your motion measurements are overlayed on top of the video in our industry-leading TECSWING software.

Analyze Your Swing

Your Coach analyzes your current swing by combining information from motion measurement, video capture and the launch monitor to identify the key areas in need of improvement.



Review Your Goals

Your Coach considers your Swing Evaluation and asks you about what you hope to achieve with lessons at GOLFTEC. No matter how modest or lofty your goals, this is the time to talk to your Coach about what you want to achieve in golf.

Your Custom Game Plan

Based on what you learned in your Swing Evaluation and with your goals and budget in mind, your Coach works with you to build a custom game plan that puts you on a path to reach your goals. From here, the decision's yours.


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