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Experience a Club Fitting to find distance and accuracy

Compare equipment in a data-driven view with our TECFIT technology. We measure your club performance against offerings from the top manufacturers to find more accuracy and distance in your game.

Start by hitting your current clubs for baseline measurements

We start with measuring your current clubs, crucial to ensure that any recommendations align with your individual swing characteristics and shortcomings in your current clubs.

Try several different clubs and shafts selected for your needs

You'll test various club styles and variations to identify the best complement your swing mechanics to produce optimal performance.

See real data that helps you pick the right clubs

Using the collected club data, your coach will present you with the ideal club options that are tailored to enhance your game and maximize your playing potential.

Leave knowing the ideal clubs for your swing

You'll get a Club Fitting report with your recommended clubs and specs. You have the option to buy any clubs directly from top vendors through GOLFTEC built to your exact needs.


Club Fitting Pricing

Select which clubs you want to get fit for when booking a club fitting. We recommend doing one fitting at a time!

Iron Fitting - $150 $125 ON SALE
60-90 Minute Club Fitting to find your ideal iron set  

Driver Fitting - $150 $125 ON SALE
60-90 Minute Club Fitting to find your ideal driver  

GOLFTEC is a top club fitter recognized by industry professionals and top manufacturers

Golf Digest, Magazine, Callaway, Mizuno and PING have all recognized GOLFTEC as a Top Club Fitter. GOLFTEC's Ultimate Club Fitting Experience uses advanced launch monitor data, an extensive array of club and shaft combinations and our proprietary TECFIT® software to provide an unbiased experience to find the best club for your game.


We sell Top Club Brands

The GOLFTEC Club Fitting Advantage - an unbiased recommendation of clubs that are best for your game from top manufacturers and sold at prices guaranteed to match other retailers.



Once you select your perfectly fitted clubs, your Coach will guide you through the ordering process. You’ll talk through the options including lofts, lies, shafts, grips, and more.


We'll order your clubs directly from the manufacturer and track their custom build through delivery to your Coach. You don't have to worry about receiving clubs or checking their correct specifications. We'll take care of that for you.


Your Clubs will be custom-built by the manufacturers to your exact specifications. They will then ship directly to your GOLFTEC Center where your coach will inspect each club, ensuring they are correctly built for you.


Say hello to your new clubs! After your Coach inspects the clubs, they will set a time when you can come in and pick them up. Confidence in your equipment is part of The GOLFTEC Way to Way Better.

Pricing and selection of services may vary by location. Book a TECFIT or contact your local GOLFTEC to purchase your custom fit golf clubs. Prices above shown in USD.
We will make any loft/lie adjustments for free. If needed, we'll go through another TECFIT for free.

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