Golf Club Fitting

FREE Club Fitting with Purchase of $349* or more now through December 31st!

Nothing builds confidence in your game like knowing you have fitted golf clubs in your hands. Fill out this form and a local GOLFTEC Club Fitter will contact you about scheduling a TECFIT custom golf club fitting.


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TECFIT Custom Club Fitting

GOLFTEC's unbiased golf club fitting system matches ideal clubs and shafts to your swing

TECFIT is our golf club fitting service. During your 60-90 minute fitting, your Fitter combines golf equipment expertise with our guided TECFIT process to identify optimal club heads, golf shafts and adjustments for you. You get to test numerous club-and-shaft combinations to determine personal preferences, while your Fitter analyzes launch monitor data and ultimately presents recommendations based on performance.


Golf Club Fitting Process

It all starts with your Coach understanding what you want to accomplish with new golf clubs. And then, it's time to hit some clubs.

  • CURRENT EQUIPMENT ASSESSMENT - To establish a benchmark of your current clubs, your fitter uses launch monitors to measure spin rates, launch angles, carry, total distance, dispersion, and more

  • IDENTIFY & TEST CLUBS - Your fitter crunches the numbers and identifies recommended club head & shaft combinations for you to test

  • FINE-TUNING - With your best head & shaft combination locked in, your fitter hones lofts, lies, shaft length, swing weight and grip to fully optimize your recommendations

  • ORDER YOUR CLUBS - If you choose to purchase clubs from us, we'll work directly with the manufacturer who builds them to your exact specifications

Why is Club Fitting Important?

The right clubs truly make a difference

There's a direct correlation between your unique golf swing and the golf clubs that perform best for you. Fitted golf clubs reward your good swings with good results, while off-the-rack clubs can introduce variables you must overcome by altering your swing. With poorly fitted equipment, even your good swings can produce bad results.

FREE Club Fitting with Purchase!

When you spend $349 or more before December 31st

Fitted Clubs Can Exceed Your Expectations

We work with top golf equipment manufacturers who provide a comprehensive range of clubs for all types of players. The right golf club customization can make a huge difference in your game. By playing clubs fitted by GOLFTEC, you’ll swing more confidently, knowing you have the right equipment for your game.

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*FREE Club Fitting with Purchase of $349 valid at U.S. Standalone Locations only.

Pricing and selection of services may vary by location. Book a TECFIT or contact your local GOLFTEC to purchase your custom fit golf clubs. Prices above shown in USD.

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