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Golf Channel Drills

presented by GOLFTEC

GOLFTEC has teamed up with Golf Channel to offer tips and drills during their live broadcasts. GOLFTEC hopes to educate and inform viewers about how data can be used to help you improve your game. 


The latest Tips & Drills as seen on Golf Channel

Focus Your Chipping Skills

Backswing Fix For Your Slice
Club Fitting: Breaking Down The Numbers

Nick Clearwater walks us through a student's club fitting

Hit It High-Straight-Far Like Poulter and DeChambeau

Patrick Nuber breaks down Poulter and DeChambeau's drives to help the rest of us

Fitting: What Your Launch Numbers Should Look Like

Brad Skupaka explains launch numbers and why they're important

Wedge Bounce - How Much Is Too Much?

Brad Skupaka explains wedge bounce and how it impacts your short game

Hit More Greens With This Drill

Zach Lambeck helps you hit more greens with this quick fix

Shoulders Should Turn Not Sway

Nick Clearwater shows you why shoulders should turn, not sway

Pitch Like The Pros

Patrick Nuber has a drill to help you pitch like the pros

Bunker Ladder Game for Distance Control

Patrick Nuber illustrates the Bunker Ladder Game to create better control out of the bunker

Everything You Need to Improve

Technology that measures key body movements, unmatched data on the golf swing, video practice and more. At GOLFTEC, you have every tool you need to improve your entire game.

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Proper Hip Sway To Prevent Slicing

Brad Skupaka illustrates how hip sway can create a slice.

Stop All The Slicing!

Brad Skupaka has a tip to fix your slice.

Proper Timing of Wrist Bend

Patrick Nuber explains how the proper timing of your wrist bend during the swing impacts your game.

Prevent Slice with Shoulder Turn At Address

Patrick Nuber explains how shoulder turn at address can cause a slice - and how to fix it.

Improve Your Game with More Turn in the Backswing

Patrick Nuber explains how more turn in your backswing can help your game.

Perfect your Setup with a Poker Chip

Brad Skupaka illustrates how a poker chip can help your putting.

Play More Break to Sink More Putts

Patrick Nuber helps you to sink more putts

Craft a Tour Caliber Follow-Through

Patrick Nuber helps you create a tour caliber follow-through

Buy Custom Fit Golf Clubs

Did you know nearly 90% of U.S. golfers use the wrong golf clubs for their game? That's why we sell clubs from top brands fully optimized to you through our TECFIT club fitting process..

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Long Driver Ground Power Distance Drill

Brad Skupaka illustrates a long drive ground power distance drill

Making Better Decisions

Patrick Nuber says making better decisions will help you more fairways

Simple Tips to Find The Fairway

Brad Skupaka has some simple tips to help you find the fairway

Plugged Bunker Shots Made Easy

Patrick Nuber makes bunker shots easy with this tip

Smash Driver like Hogue for More Distance

Brad Skupaka Smash Driver Like Hogue For More Distance

How to Maximize Angle of Attack for Long Drives

Brad Skupaka How To Maximize Angle Of Attack For Long Drives

How Aim, Club Selection Affect Approach Shots

Clearwater How Aim, Club Selection Affect Approach Shots

Tips For Picking The Right Equipment

Patrick Nuber How Shoulder Tilt Affects your golf swing

Analyzing Tiger Woods' Putting

Patrick Nuber analyzes Tiger Woods' putting

How Shoulder Tilt Affects Your Golf Swing

Patrick Nuber How Shoulder Tilt Affects your golf swing


Your Own Personal Coach

At GOLFTEC, your lessons are led by a dedicated Coach whose sole purpose is tailoring instruction to you and serving as your guide so you achieve your goals on the golf course.

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Learn from Juniors to Improve Driving

Nick Clearwater shows us what we can learn from junior golfers to improve driving

Follow Through like Woods

Nick Clearwater breaks down Tiger Woods follow through

How to Drive it Long like DJ

Long drive competitor Brad Skupaka explains how to smash a drive like Dustin Johnson

Stay on Target with your Putting

Brad Skupaka says to stay on target when putting

How Spin Loft Helps You Drive it Farther

Brad Skupaka illustrates how spin loft helps you drive farther

How Shoulder Bend Increases Club Head Speed

Brad Skupaka on how shoulder bend increases club head speed

Improve Your Turn to Swing Like a Pro

Patrick Nuber shows you how to swing like a pro

Fix Your Slice by Learning How to Draw

Patrick Nuber illustrates how to fix your slice

Hip Sway Towards Target for Better Results

Nick Clearwater on hip sway and how it impacts your swing

Tips on how to Change From a Slice to a Draw

Nick Clearwater illustrates how to turn your slice into a draw

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