Rose Zhang

    From Training with GOLFTEC to Competing on the World Stage, GOLFTEC Athlete and #1 Amateur in the World Shares Her Story.

    2023 Augusta National Women’s Amateur Champion!

    Just shy of turning 20, Rose embarks on some of the most thrilling moments of her career. 2023 Augusta National Women’s Amateur title, a team and individual title defense at the NCAA National Championship, and copious amateur and collegiate records on the verge of being broken. Rose prepares to attack the 2023 season with lofty goals.

    Rose's Career Accomplishments:

    • 2023 Augusta National Women's Amaetur

    • 2022 NCAA Champion

    • 2021 U.S. Girls' Junior Winner

    • 2020 U.S. Women's Amateur Winner

    • 10 Major appearances

    • 9 Total Collegiate wins

    Rose Zhang - Looking Back

    GOLFTEC The Way To Way Better

    History Lessons

    Take an inside peek into Rose's first lessons on her way to way better.

    Rose's Coach, Michael Finney fondly recalls a couple examples of where she started her relationship with her coach captured directly from the GOLFTEC TECswing systems:


    THEN - 2014

    Rose started working with Coach Michael Finney at GOLFTEC Irvine in 2014 when she was 11 years old.

    Inside a 2014 Lesson

    NOW - 2023

    In 2023, Rose and Michael connected again to talk about previous lessons and look at Rose's current swing and the progress that she's made to become the #1 Amateur in the world.

    Inside a 2023 Lesson



    Zhang began a routine of visits with Michael Finney, a Certified Personal GOLFTEC Coach with over seven years of experience. “He broke down a lot of things for me,” she says. Heralded for her incredibly high golf IQ, Zhang credits Finney for laying down a rich foundation: “A lot of my knowledge came from his expertise.”


    Rose uses the technology in the GOLFTEC training bays to get the data her and her Coach need to start an effective session. "You see your stats, spin rates and how far you hit it every single time. Those types of information are very valuable to be as consistent as you can be when you're competing and trying to get to the top of your game." says Zhang.


    Rose and Michael get straight to work, but not before reminiscing with a few old swing videos. No longer burdened by wires, she begins warming up with a 9-iron, immediately swinging freely into the simulator. The state-of-the-art OptiMotion technology captures Rose’s swings with HD cameras capturing face-on and down-the-line views, collecting over 4,000 data points in each of her swings

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