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Nothing Feels Like a Mizuno

The first Mizuno golf clubs were produced in 1933, but our reputation for quality was truly forged from the moment we began exporting clubs overseas in the late 1970s. Mizuno irons have been forged at the same exclusive Hiroshima plant since 1968. Since then multiple majors have been won using Mizuno equipment by both sponsored and non sponsored players.


Your clubs need to be custom fit to your own unique swing and ball flight characteristics.

Buying new Mizuno golf clubs from GOLFTEC is a personalized experience intended to maximize your full potential. When you buy off the rack, you are leaving distance and accuracy to chance. GOLFTEC's 60 to 90-minute club fitting process, powered by TECFIT, ensures your Mizuno clubs are precisely fit to your swing.

Club fitting is only $125 for a Driver or Iron fitting (included FREE with every Game Plan). To learn more, fill out the form above to talk with a GOLFTEC Fitter near you. 

Best in the Business

As Recognized by Mizuno

GOLFTEC is proud to be a Mizuno Top 100 Club Fitter. With its annual list, Mizuno honors those facilities that emphasize the importance of accurate fitting to golfers of all ability levels. 

If you are looking to purchase Mizuno golf clubs, GOLFTEC offers Custom Club Fitting at most locations. All Mizuno clubs sold at GOLFTEC are custom fit at prices that match other retailers.

Mizuno Technology


Weight savings from a compacted Wave Sole and variable thickness graphite crown used low and deep to combine low spin with stability from off-center strikes.


Multi thickness, forged SAT Beta 2041 Ti is incredibly responsive across the club face and maintains performance for longer drives.


Grain Flow Forging allows for a highly precise iron head to be crafted through multiple stages from a single billet of steel. The method uses the metal's natural grain to enhance the head's integrity, consistency, and durability.


Evolved from the DNA of irons that shaped the modern game, the MP-20 is exclusively Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima Japan.If you could peel back the chrome plating, you would find a sandwich of nickel and soft copper before the Grain Flow Forged HD chassis that provides a high quality feel at impact.

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A draw-biased carbon composite construction aided by a heel side sole weight.  Built upon the 2nd generation of Mizuno's Forged SAT2041 Beta Ti face – for potent ball speeds and consistent performance over time.  Slower swing speeds will benefit from the J-Spec – incorporating an incredibly lightweight 39g MFusion graphite shaft. *Also available in J-spec. 

LOFTS:  10.5º 12º

SHAFTS: MotoreX F3 60 S, Riptide CB 50 R  (J Spec: M Fusion 40)






A balanced toe/heel carbon composite construction with deep central back weight – for a spin efficient, straight-line ball flight. Built upon the 2nd generation of Mizuno's Forged SAT2041 Beta Ti face – for potent ball speeds and consistent performance over time.

LOFTS: 9.5º 10.5º

SHAFTS:  HZRDUS 60 XS, Riptide CB 50 S, MotoreX F3 60 S, HZRDUS 60 S, Riptide CB 50 R, MotoreX F3 50 R






ST-Z Fairway Wood

A throwback profile – with curves for the purist and performance for the pragmatist. Mizuno's 3rd generation MAS1C face is Mizuno's most powerful to date. A balanced package of low spin performance and stability – not common in most fairway woods. With adjustable hosel in both 3 and 5 wood.

LOFTS: (3W) 15º (5W) 18º

SHAFTS: MotoreX F3 70 S, Riptide CB 60 R

$299 EA






Ideal for transitioning from your longest iron to most lofted fairway wood – with a selection of 5 lofts, each adjustable by 4 degrees. Easy to strike pure from the fairway, producing a high efficient flight – attacking tight pins from further out than ever before.

LOFTS: (2) 14º-18º (3) 17º-21º (4) 20º-24º (5) 23º-27º 31º


$249 EA





Feel is a massive part of the story with the MP-20 irons, but there’s another feature that needs to be noted. The MP irons typically speak to better players, but that idea has altered with the addition of the new MMC and HMB irons. New technology and the intended capability to mix and match these irons with the classic muscle backs opens up the MP-20 irons to a whole new group of golfers who now get to experience how ‘nothing feels like Mizuno.’

MP20 LOFTS: (3) 21º (4) 24º (5) 27º (6) 30º (7) 34º (8) 38º (9) 42º (PW) 46º

MP20 SHAFTS: Dynamic Gold S300

MMC LOFTS: (4) 22º (5) 25º (6) 28º (7) 32º (8) 36º (9) 41º (PW) 46º

MMC SHAFTS: KBS Tour $-Taper

HMB LOFTS: (2) 16º (3) 19º (4) 22º (5) 25º (6) 28º (7) 32º (8) 36º (9) 41º (PW) 46º

HMB SHAFTS:Nippon Modus (120S), Nippon Modus (105R)

$163-$175 EA





The new JPX921 line, which includes the Tour, Forged, Hot Metal, Hot Metal Pro, and SEL (for the lefties out there) has updated cosmetics that maintain the high JPX standard while demonstrating some re-engineering that’s improved the sound, weighting, and MOI from their predecessor. These irons are built for results. Practical tools engineered with one intention - to improve your on-course performance. Whether you need the explosive ball speeds of Hot Metal and HM Pro, the precision of the Tour model, or the ultimate balance of the new Forged with Chromoly – the JPX921 series has you covered.

TOUR LOFTS: (4) 24º (5) 27º (6) 30º (7) 34º (8) 38º (9) 42º (PW) 46º (GW) 51º

HOT METAL LOFTS: (4) 19º (5) 22º (6) 25º (7) 29º (8) 34º (9) 39º (PW) 44º 

FORGED LOFTS: (4) 21º (5) 24º (6) 27º (7) 31º (8) 35º (9) 40º (PW) 45º (GW) 50º

SEL LOFTS: (4) 22º (5) 26º (6) 30º (7) 34º (8) 38º (9) 42º (PW) 46º (GW) 51º

SHAFTS: Numerous shaft options available

$162.50 EA




The ES21 wedges make controlling spin a reality by incorporating a higher, more central sweet spot and stable design – not just elevating spin, but maintaining it shot for shot. Made possible by a multi-piece stainless steel construction and Grain Flow Forged face packed into a versatile high toe profile with a surprisingly narrow top line.

LOFTS: 54º (Bounce: 8, 12), 56º (Bounce:10, 14),  58º (Bounce: 8, 12), 60º (Bounce: 6)

SHAFTS: KBS Hi Rev 110G Wedge Flex

$199 EA





The precision and feel of Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forged HD process suits the manufacture of wedges like no other. Perfected for over 50 years at one factory in Hiroshima, Japan – Mizuno’s forging expertise is revered for its consistency of manufacture, distance control, and incredible feedback. A reputation most commonly associated with Mizuno irons – but with even more payback in the wedges where touch and feel are most critical.

S GRIND LOFTS: 45º 46º 47º 48º 49º 50º 51º 52º 53º
M GRIND LOFTS: 54º 55º 56º 57º 58º 59º 60º
C GRIND LOFTS: 54º 55º 56º 57º 58º 59º 60º 61º 62º

SHAFTS: True Temper Dynamic Gold S200

$149 EA




M.CRAFT Mallet Putters

The M.CRAFT line lives up to Mizuno’s reputation for producing equipment of absolute precision and feedback. The original M.CRAFT I, II and III were introduced in 2020 with three more stable shapes added for 2021 – M.CRAFT IV, M.CRAFT V and M.CRAFT VI.

M.CRAFT IV: Slant neck deep square back.  Moderate toe-hang, suited to a moderate putting arc.

M.CRAFT V: Slant neck toe-heel deep mallet.  Maximum toe-hang to suit a strong arc.

M.CRAFT VI: Face-balanced wing mallet.  Heavier at 371 grams  for a straight back and through stroke.

$299 EA


*Pricing and selection of services may vary by location. Prices shown are in USD. Contact your local GOLFTEC to purchase Mizuno clubs.

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