The Right Clubs
Will Truly Make a Difference

Did you know close to 90% of U.S. golfers are playing with equipment that is wrong for their game? And 92% of golfers that were custom fit with launch monitor technology saw immediate improvement, with 80% hitting the ball more accurately, consistently and farther?

There’s a reason why we include TECFIT, our comprehensive custom golf club fitting system, in every GOLFTEC Game Plan. Nothing builds confidence in your golf game like knowing you’re using the ideal golf clubs to maximize every shot you hit. TECFIT, GOLFTEC’s proprietary, 90-minute golf club fitting session, provides the most precise, unbiased custom fitting experience anywhere.

Any custom golf club fitting experience is only as good as the fitter you work with, and at GOLFTEC, each of our fitters is a certified professional who will use their extensive fitting knowledge to determine the ideal clubs for you. 

Nothing beats the feel of holding a club you have confidence in. So join the 92% of golfers who see immediate golf improvement through custom club fitting. Schedule your TECFIT today.

$125 TECFIT Driver or Iron Fitting

$250 TECFIT Full Bag Fitting

What is a TECFIT?

GOLFTEC's Comprehensive Golf Club Fitting System


The Results From TECFIT
Custom Club Fittings Are Proven

Why Get Custom Fit?

of US golfers may be playing with the wrong golf equipment, including incorrect length, lie, head/shaft combination and grip size.

Immediate Improvement

of golfers who were custom fit with a launch monitor saw immediate improvement in their game.

Custom Done Right

club/shaft combinations are evaluated to deliver you a tour-level custom fitting experience

Ben M. - On His Club Fitting Experience

“I can't believe how much better I'm playing since getting new custom fit clubs. My TECFIT showed me how badly fit my old irons were for my game - too short, wrong shafts, wrong grip size. Immediately after changing to my new Mizunos I'm 10 yards longer with every club and my bad shots aren't as bad. I won't waste my money on golf equipment that hasn't been properly fit for me ever again.
Thanks Erik for the great fitting experience.”

Book A TECfit
Book a TECFIT Club Fitting
and Learn how to Maximize Your Game

The normal cost of a TECFIT component club fitting is $125, or complete a full bag of TECFIT for $250. Take this first easy step and you’re on your way to properly fit golf equipment that will maximize your game!



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There are good reasons to purchase new clubs directly through GOLFTEC. We’ll order your clubs directly from the manufacturer, where they will be custom built to your specifications, including shaft length and flex, lie angle and grip size.

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