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America's #1 Golf Lesson, Integrating Technique, Equipment & Conditioning
Through Technology

For golfers who are serious about golf instruction and improving their games, or getting started correctly, GolfTEC provides an unmatched experience and consistent results.

Giving millions of golf lessons to thousands of golfers of every ability confirms our belief in a comprehensive approach to game improvement. We know that an on-going Game Plan will build your golf skills faster and provide more lasting results than an occasional golf lesson.

At GolfTEC you’ll have your own Certified Personal Coach who knows your golf game and is passionate about seeing it improve. We have developed the Five Factors needed for maximum improvement. When incorporated into your Game Plan, they lead to a swing you can depend on again and again.

You’ll be using the latest golf learning technology and instant video replay for clear and immediate feedback.

We’ll make sure your clubs are properly fitted to maximize every swing.

You’ll be able to refer to your golf lessons online and even through your mobile device to continue advancing your game wherever you are.

You can practice in the controlled atmosphere of our teaching bays or take your lessons to the course.

In short, GolfTEC provides the complete arsenal of learning tools to effectively make you the golfer you want to be.

Student Success Stories

Only an objective, quantified analysis of your swing can provide the basis for where your swing needs work and how to measure your improvement. GolfTEC’s patented g-SWING technology allows you to see real-time video and motion measurement simultaneously.

A color-coding system indicates how much adjustment the different areas of the swing may require. Combining the objective data with video analysis makes it easy for you and your coach to see precisely what changes will be needed to improve your game.

True improvement requires more than a simple fix or random lessons. Rather than overwhelm you with too many changes at once, GolfTEC focuses on a simple, step-by-step approach to ensure consistent improvement and performance. This means starting with the fundamentals, if needed, of grip and set-up. 

As each element of the swing is mastered, we build on that to achieve a complete swing that can be comfortably repeated on the golf course. While it involves multiple lessons, it is actually a faster approach to creating results that last a lifetime.

To review and reinforce the learning process, GolfTEC’s online Player Performance Center provides 24/7 access to all your lessons, coach’s comments and recommended practice drills. 

You can even view your lessons from your mobile device to help your progress on the range, the course or wherever you are. In addition, the Player Performance Center lets you schedule future lessons, track your scores and manage your account.

Practice between lessons is imperative. The interactive video of GolfTEC hitting bays lets you see immediate replay of each swing from two directions simultaneously, making practice sessions more productive and improvement faster. 

You can even use our video drawing tools to put in swing plane, posture and other lines that make it even easier to see when you are achieving your practice goals.

The confidence of using proper equipment is another key to your golf success. TECfit, GolfTEC’s club-fitting system provides a precise, unbiased fitting experience. Our club fitters are experienced, certified professionals. 

They use launch monitor data driven by Foresight technology to measure your clubhead speed, ball speed, back spin, side spin, launch angle, shot
patterns and more. 

This is cross-referenced with a SwingLabs database
of thousands of club/shaft combinations to find the models that will optimize the results of your swing. Clubs can then be ordered that will be custom-fit to maximize your game, and cost no more than
off-the-shelf clubs.

Call (877) 446-5383
7am - 6pm MST, M-F
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