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    Be confident knowing you have fitted golf clubs in your hands by booking a fitting with your local GOLFTEC Club Fitter.

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    A personalized club fitting experience with a GOLFTEC Coach

    At a GOLFTEC club fitting you'll work one-on-one with your personal coach or a dedicated fitter. This fitting is all about you and your game, so they'll work with you to understand your swing and struggles on the course.

    See your ball flight accurately with Foresight Launch Monitors

    You'll see all of your shots as they are recorded with Foresight Launch Monitors, considered some of the most accurate and reliable in golf. This data is key to understanding how different clubs truly perform.

    Compare the top clubs with your Coach and our TECFIT club fitting software

    With your Coach's insight of your swing they'll pick the ideal club models to compliment your game. They'll then use the Foresight launch monitor data and pair it with our TECFIT® software to capture the performance of the clubs you test. You'll be able to see a comparison of clubs like no where else. 

    Buying Fitted Clubs

    When you're ready to play better golf with fitted clubs, you'll be able to buy your customized set built just for you.

    Customize Your Clubs

    Once you pick your perfectly fit clubs, Your Coach will guide you through the ordering process. They will talk through the options including lofts, lies, shaft stiffness, grip size, colors and more. 

    We'll Handle the Order

    We'll order your clubs directly from the manufacturer and track their build through delivery to your Coach. You don't have to worry about receiving clubs or checking their correct specifications, we'll take care of that for you.

    Custom Built

    Your Clubs will be custom built by the manufacturers to your exact specifications. They will then directly ship your new clubs back to GOLFTEC where your coach will inspect each club ensuring they are correctly built for you.  

    Receiving Your New Clubs

    Say hello to your new clubs!  After your Coach inspects the clubs they will contact you and set a time where you can come in and pick up your new clubs. 

    We sell all the top club brands

    The GOLFTEC Club Fitting Advantage - an unbiased recommendation of clubs that are best for your game from top manufacturers and sold at prices guaranteed to match other retailers.



    Driver Fitting - $95  

    You want to crush it off the tee - and GOLFTEC's 60-90 minute tour-level driver fitting is designed to help you realize your full potential. Utilizing launch monitor data, your Fitter will measure and benchmark your current driver to identify areas for improvement. Armed with this data, and your own goals, the Fitter will provide new club head and shaft combinations to hit, eventually dialing in on the club that will optimize your ball speed, spin rate and launch angle to have the greatest impact on your game.

    Iron Fitting - $95  

    You want accuracy and distance in your irons to take full advantage of every time your driver hits the fairway. At GOLFTEC, your 60-90 minute irons fitting uses a launch monitor and our proprietary TECFIT software to dial in the perfect fit. You'll begin by hitting your current clubs to establish a baseline, then the Fitter will provide new club head and shaft combinations to hit, addressing grip, weight, shaft flex and length, and more to optimize your ball speed, spin rate, launch and descent angles providing you with the most consistent and accurate shots for your game.



    Wedge Fitting - $95  

    Having the right wedges, custom fit for you, leads to lower scores. Hands down. One size does not fit all when it comes to wedges. You want to maximize versatility with proper distance gapping between clubs while looking at appropriate sole grinds for your swing and typical course conditions. You'll begin by hitting your current clubs to establish a baseline, then the Fitter will provide new combinations of club heads and shafts to test and dial in to provide the most consistent and accurate wedges for your game.

    Full Bag Fitting - $250  

    This is the most comprehensive golf club fitting available, and not for the faint of heart. A 150-minute, full bag fitting that includes your driver, irons, wedges and putter. Come to the fitting prepared to hit every club in your bag. Utilizing launch monitor data, your Fitter will measure and benchmark your current clubs, then provide new combinations of club heads and shafts to hit, eventually dialing in the perfect driver, irons, wedges and putter for your game. 


    GOLFTEC is a top club fitter recognized by industry professionals and top manufacturers

    Golf Digest, Golf.com/Golf Magazine, Callaway, Mizuno and PING have all recognized GOLFTEC as a Top Club Fitter. GOLFTEC's Ultimate Club Fitting Experience uses advanced launch monitor data, an extensive array of club and shaft combinations and our proprietary TECFIT® software to provide an unbiased experience to find the best club for your game. You'll hit all the major brands to dial in your perfect fit.

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    Pricing and selection of services may vary by location. Book a TECFIT or contact your local GOLFTEC to purchase your custom fit golf clubs. Prices above shown in USD.
    We will make any loft/lie adjustments for free. If needed, we'll go through another TECFIT for free.

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