The Clubhead Speed Exercise

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Most golfers want to hit the ball farther. This exercise with an alignment stick can help By GOLFTEC Digital Got clubhead speed? When it comes to booming long, towering...
How to create the perfect address ball position

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Use this address ball position exercise to encourage solid, repeatable golf shots By GOLFTEC Digital Golf, by its very nature, has a LOT of complexity to it. That's...
Use your golf towel or headcover to encourage an in-to-out path

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We show how placing a towel or headcover on the ground can encourage an in-to-out path By GOLFTEC Digital It's time to become an expert in...
Short game trajectory control by adjusting the handle of your club

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Vary pitch shot trajectory around the green with this basic setup adjustment to help you save par By GOLFTEC Digital Are you a one-trick pony...
5 steps to draw every shot

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Brad Skupaka's details five easy steps that will eliminate your slice and get you to draw the ball on every golf shot.
Golf tips for beginners - 2 important keys

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It's no secret golf is tough. Especially in knowing where to start as a beginner. We're here to help By GOLFTEC Digital Just picked up the game of...
Video: Golf trouble shot basics

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Instead of compounding the issue when in the woods, employ these golf trouble shot basics  By GOLFTEC Digital Einstein said insanity is "doing the same thing over...
Practice using golf alignment sticks

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It's a simple notion: Using an aiming station with golf alignment sticks can help your game! By GOLFTEC Digital Golf is hard enough - so why make it...
Backswing Length Wall Exercise

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This exercise for backswing length can break down that wall between you and solid contact By GOLFTEC Digital As varied and different as human beings can be from each...
Dustin Johnson U.S. Open Champion Major

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Our latest Lesson Series discusses 'wrist bends' - and why they're important to your swing By GOLFTEC Digital We've discussed the topic a few times here...