Game Management & Mental

Game Management & Mental

Video: Golf trouble shot basics

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Instead of compounding the issue when in the woods, employ these golf trouble shot basics  By GOLFTEC Digital Einstein said insanity is "doing the same thing over...
Practice using golf alignment sticks

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It's a simple notion: Using an aiming station with golf alignment sticks can help your game! By GOLFTEC Digital Golf is hard enough - so why make it...
A warmup routine for better tee shots

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Can't take your swing from the range to the course? Flip the script with this warmup routine By GolfTEC Digital There's little more frustrating in golf than...
Golf Instruction Terms

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Learn some of the most common - and vague - golf instruction terms and what they often mean  By Jon Levy It can get downright frustrating. No, not...
Quiz: Laws of golf ball flight

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Know the laws of golf ball flight? Take our quiz to find out, and see how it can help your game By GolfTEC Digital If you...

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If your offseason mantra is playing golf NO MATTER WHAT, use these keys to play well By Jon Levy Highest of praise and kudos to you for being that guy. Yep,...
Misunderstood Golf Rules - Golf Myths Debunked

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Learn truth vs. common fiction in golf ... Chapter 2: Misunderstood Golf Rules By Jon Levy Our series, Golf Myths DEBUNKED, *finally* puts an end to those longstanding debates you...
Golf Lesson Series: The worst advice in golf

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You've likely received or given (gasp!) some of the worst advice in golf without knowing it By GolfTEC Digital It would be hard to definitively conclude a...
golf terms ball flight HERO

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Our new series aims to simplify the complex golf terms and definitions you hear every day. This installment: Golf shot launch conditions.